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Ohio's First Distracted Driving Safety Corridor

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ODOT District 4, in partnership with the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) has created the state’s first Distracted Driving Safety Corridor, to aim at reducing distracted driving crashes, injuries and fatalities. The distracted driving safety corridor will span along I-76/I-80 from Newton Falls Rd. in Mahoning County, to West Liberty St., in Trumbull County, as statistics have shown that this area experiences a high rate of crashes involving distracted driving. Throughout the corridor, ODOT will place signage alerting motorists when they enter and leave the corridor, and also informing them that it is a high enforcement area. Signs will also be placed throughout the corridor reminding motorists the dangers of distracted driving. The OSHP will also step up enforcement throughout the corridor looking for violations such as speeding, impaired driving and lack of seat belt use, with the goal of reducing crashes and reducing dangerous driving behavior, which will ultimately save more lives.

 Distracted Driving Safety Corridor Map

7680.png 17 mile stretch between Newton Falls Rd. in western Mahoning County to
 West Liberty St. in eastern Trumbull County

 Sample Signs

Distracted Driving Safety Corridor Handout.pdfDistracted Driving Safety Corridor Handout583 KB
TRU-MAH Distracted Driving Crash Density Estimate.pdfTRU-MAH Distracted Driving Crash Density Estimate701 KB
TRU-MAH Distracted Driving Crashes.pdfTRU-MAH Distracted Driving Crashes1565 KB
TRU-MAH Distracted Driving Violations Density Estimate.pdfTRU-MAH Distracted Driving Violations Density Estimate701 KB
TRU-MAH Distracted Driving Violations.pdfTRU-MAH Distracted Driving Violations1532 KB