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Adam GydeAdam Gyde Auto Mechanic

Adam Gyde joined District 2's Northwood Outpost in 2006 as a highway technician I, and has been an auto mechanic 2 there for the last four years. Though not currently working on any big projects, keeping mowers in working condition, plus a variety of maintenance and repair jobs means he is busy and happy.

"I really like what I do because it is always different," he said. "It's not the same thing over and over again. I have always liked working on stuff, so this job is perfect for me."

Happily married, Gyde's mechanical interest also extends to his favorite hobby: working on and maintaining a collection of antique tractors. It's a pastime that runs in his family.

"Between me, my brothers, and my Dad, we have a lot of them," said Gyde. "We like to show them at antique shows."