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Mike Simpkins Transportation Engineer

Mike SimpkinsAs a transportation engineer in District 4, Mike Simpkins manages consultant projects, reviews the maintenance of traffic plans, and estimates construction costs.

Before his six years of service with the department, Simpkins worked for the consulting firm URS. Even while at the firm he was still involved in the design of ODOT projects.

Simpkins especially enjoys the diversity of the projects. He works on a range of projects, from small ones that connect sanitary outlines, to major undertakings like rebuilding Interstate 90. He says he looks forward to being with the department long enough to watch a major ODOT project from conception to final completion.

In his free time, Simpkins enjoys spending time with his children and says he is thankful for the flexibility of his schedule at ODOT. Whether he is picking his children up from school, taking them to the doctor's office, or coaching his daughter's soccer team, Simpkins says the department is very understanding.