ODOT Works is a statewide effort to showcase employees—through features printed in the employee newsletter and the prominent display of photos throughout department facilities—engaged in the important work they do every day.


Ed YetzerEd Yetzer Project Engineer

A 23-year ODOT veteran, Ed Yetzer often manages projects which involve removing existing surfaces and structures, and replacing them with more modern ones.

"It is satisfying to tear out the old, worn down structures—roadways, bridges—and replace them with something new the public can be proud of," he said. "For me, the most satisfying part of my job is being able to remove the barrels and turn the roadway over to the public."

Yetzer stated that working with his team in District 3 is a key reason he enjoys his duties at ODOT.

"I think the highway techs, inspectors and others I work with in District 3 are among the most experienced professionals you will find working anywhere," he said. "They make it easy to come to work every day."

Away from ODOT, Yetzer enjoys working as an assistant football coach at Hillsdale High School near his home.