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ODOT's Transcript Newsletter

The Transcript is the Ohio Department of Transportation's employee newsletter. With features and photos of interest to both ODOT workers and the general public.


 Current Edition

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - May 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-May-2017Transcript-May-2017.pdf1888 KB
• ODOT Hosts First-Ever Civil Rights Symposium
• Ask the Director: How Civil Rights fits into our mission as a tranportation agency
• Solution in Sight: new audible pedestrian signals
• New to 2: D-2 District Deputy Director Patrick McColley
• After the Fire: wrong way driver hit a fuel tanker on I-75 near Dayton
• John Picuri to Lead District 4
• Warm Weather Warriors II: How D-12 worked a warm winter
• Recognizing Greatness: David Powers of the Office of Materials Management wins an award from Flexible Pavements of Ohio
• Coming Apptractions: new mobile apps help asset inventory and system integration activities
• What Makes 'ODOT a Great Place to Work?'
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 2016-2017 Editions

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2017Transcript-March-2017Transcript-March-2017.pdf1895 KB
• Finding Your Way: Nationwide initiative seeks to create designated bicycle routes across the country
• Ask the Director: Will Driverless Vehicles occur in our lifetime?
• What Makes ODOT a "Great Place to Work?"
• 'Roads' Scholars: ODOT Diversity scholarships to three Central State University students
• Safety: Here's your sign
• Critical Success Factors Update: Spotlight on People. Work Life Index
• The Taming of the Shrub: Arboriculture
• Mission: Safety
• The ODOT Way: from the motoring public . . . with deep appreciation
• Painted in a corner. D-4's Josh Haffa adds his artistic flair to Ashtabula County
• The 'Zephyr' takes flight
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-Feb-2017Transcript-Feb-2017.pdf1499 KB

• The Art of Plowing
• Ask the Director: Jobs and internal candidates
• D-12's new full-service Warrensville facility
• A force to be reckoned with: Office of Outreach
• Cool lights bring the heat: Snow Plow lights
• Painting the Town: D-11's Paint the Plow contests
• Black History Month: Moving with the times... honoring Ohio inventors
• Statewide Winter Stats
• Back in the Saddle Again: local officials try cycling on public roads
• In the Spirit of Giving: ODOT CO provides Holiday cheer to two local families

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-Jan-2017Transcript-Jan-2017.pdf1667 KB

• Introducing ... 'Otto' the future is now: a self-driving tractor trailer using Ohio's Smart Mobility Corridor
• A special message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray on the Quality of Life Survey and ODOT's Strategic Plan
• THE ODOT MISSION MATRIX: Highlights of 2016
• Off the rails on a paving train: D-10 has a banner year for asphalt paving
• Seeing in a whole new light: ODOT participates in Transportation Day at the Ohio School for the Blind
• Heroes Just for One Day: Clermont County’s Jeff Armstrong and Ryan Ninichuck find and rescue a stranded driver hidden for two days
• Getting stuff done: Maintenance Operations Workshop
• To dance is human, Polka, divine: D-1's Defiance County auto tech Luke Rohrs plays trumpet

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2016 ThumbnailTranscript-Dec-2016Transcript-Dec-2016.pdf1990 KB
• Ask the Director: Snow & Ice Control Shift Hours
• Acting Locally: Local Project Administration (LPA) Days
• Nailed It! Soil Nailing Provides Slope Stability
• A Maritime Study
• Critical Success Factors Update: Insert for FY16 Q4 results with a spotlight on System Conditions
• Delivering the news: D-6 Participates in Arts in the Alley Parade
• ODOT, Public Join Forces for Cause... Pollinator initiative seeks to reestablish butterfly habitats
• To Serve and Repair: D-10 I-77 maintenance project in Washington County is in the books
• Hailing the king: Meigs County Transportation Manager Keith Weber sidelines on drums for award-winning Elvis impersonator
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - November 2016 ThumbnailTranscript-Nov-2016Transcript-Nov-2016.pdf2019 KB
• Construction Season Highlights from around the state
• Ask the Director: Which project is largest: the George V. Voinovich Bridge or the Southern Ohio Veteran's Memorial Highway?
• TEAM UP Winners. Frustration: The father of invention. Travis Avery and Keith Bantner from District 1
• Ice Free in 3
• Start Talking! Building a Drug Free Future
• ODOT has a technology council?
• ODOT is Ready for Winter
• Small tablets equal big savings
October 16  Transcript ThumbnailTranscript-Oct-2016Transcript-Oct-2016.pdf1463 KB
• Ask the Director: Shouldn't we upgrade county facilities at a faster rate?
• District 12 Wins Regional AASHTO Award
• Pull on through! Drive-through salt barns to increase safety, efficiency (D-7)
• ODOT Has a Rail Division?
• Profile: Tom Corey, Deputy Director of Operations
• Protecting People and Property - safety enhancements
• 2016 Director’s Cup Roadeo & TeamUp ODOT
• A Growing Safety Trend: Roundabouts is D-3
• An attitude of gratitude: D-1's HT Ivory Austin
Transcript Sept 2016 ThumbnailTranscript-Sept-2016Transcript-Sept-2016.pdf2388 KB
• Have app, will travel... OHGO App is here
• Ask the Director: '16 Quality of Life Survey and how we compare
• Through New Eyes: Interns learn and make an impact at ODOT
• A 'stunning' achievement. Electro-fishing helps relocate fish
• Feed the need. Update on Ohio's polinator habitat initiative
• Energy is moving. D-11 crews preps roads for superloads need to construct a new powerplant in Carroll County
• Virtue rewarded. ODOT receives FHWA redistribution funds
• Health from a New Angle: Employee Development & Lean's Carol Schubert is a certified Yoga trainer
Transcript-Aug-2016 ThumbnailTranscript-Aug-2016Transcript-Aug-2016.pdf1669 KB
• Inside the RNC - 6 ways ODOT was ready
• Ask the Director - "worst firs" to "taking care of what we have"? Asset management and preservation at ODOT
• Shopping ‘center’ of the universe - New Outlet Mall in Delaware County
• One team together - D-10 gets helping hand and temporary traffic signals from surrounding districts
• WOrkplace Culture, Part 3: Vendor Selection
• Return Engagement: Jack Marchbanks District Six Deputy Director
• Critical Success Factors Update: FY16 Q3, Focus on People: DBE EDGE and MBE Goals
• ODOT’s First ‘ODI Champions’
• OAKSenterprise: And Enterprising Solution
• Don't Call it a Comeback: Ramp Meters return to service
• Vegetation Devastation: D-7 Montgomery County researches herbacides and mowing methods
• A Day in the Life... D-3's P&E Project Manager, Craig Devore
Transcript Newsletter - June 2016 ThumbnailTranscript-June-2016Transcript-June-2016.pdf2007 KB
• Saving 'ODOT' - roadside rescue of a boa constrictor!
• Ask the Director: Why did we commision a Disparity Study?
• Miami County ODOT crews help with area high schools' seat belt contest
• ‘Friend to Everyone’ | A Tribute to Joyce Miller
• Litter Volunteers ‘kick butt’
• One Truck, Many Uses - Portage County pilots a versatile pick-up with multiple bed configurations
• Operation ‘Put a Lid on It’ - provides free bike helmets to kids
• Quality Wins - D-9 construction office is recognized with two awards for excellence
• Out With the Old - D-1 gets two new facilites
Transcript-May-2016 ThumbnailTranscript-May-2016Transcript-May-2016.pdf1870 KB
• Profile: District 1 ‘mussel’ man Nate Tessler
• Ask the Director: Work Zone Awareness
• ‘GO ORANGE’ for Work Zone Safety
• Workplace Culture Part 2: Promotions. How are we doing?
• CLEanUpCleveland: Litter Cleanup Event
• 2016 Construction Kickoff Infographic
• In Solemn Remembrance: National Work Zone Awareness event held in Perrysburg, OH
• Service comes first: Sonja Simpson named D-5 Deputy Director
• Seal of Approval: D-1 Chip Seal
Transcript-Apr-2016Transcript-Apr-2016.pdf1255 KB
• The Gold Standard: District 12’s I-90 project achieves highest FHWA ratings for sustainability
• Ask the Director: Mission of the new Division of Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion
• ODOT News FAST 5
  1) Safety Campaign Re-Launch
  2) 'Don't Be THAT Driver'
  3) Safe, Visable, Professional
  4) Becomin a Great Supervisor
  5) Construction Season is Here!
• Feeding those who feed us: Planting wildflowers and native grasses for pollinators
• Workplace Culture Part 1: Hiring and the Anti-Nepotism Policy
• Always have someone watching: Avoiding a close call in D-7
• Fornshell in Five: 5 facts about B&HR AD Anne Fornshell
• Boundaries: crossed. Visiting other counties and districts
• Inspiring Hope: Donating to the Ohio Women's Reformatory in Marysville
• Profile: New HR DD Brian Brown
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2016 ThumbnailTranscript-Mar-2016Transcript-Mar-2016.pdf3906 KB
• Drivers take to social media in praise of winter efforts
• Critical Success Factors Update: Insert for FY16 Q2 results with a spotlight on PEOPLE: Workforce Injury and Crashes
• Ask the Director: Questioning efficiencies
• ODOT News FAST 5
 1) Like a Good Neighbor... ODOT is there
 2) Planning Organization An Ohio First
 3) Standard of Excellence
 4) Paving the Way
 5) Are you 'Kitten' Me?
• A PATH TO DIVERSITY: The road to a more inclusive workforce
• ODOT: Safety and looking professional
• Found treasure: District 4 ‘s Mike Valco has been collecting and displaying items found along the road
• Meeting of Great Minds: district deputy directors’ administrative assistants meet
• Professor, mentor, or ‘coach?’: Union County Highway Technician Jeff Fluharty
‘Don’t Be That Driver’: National Work Zone Awareness
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2016 ThumbnailTranscript-Feb-2016Transcript-Feb-2016.pdf1630 KB
• Come Sail Away: D-2 Bridge Engineer Jim Bradley is passionately into sailing
• Ask the Director: Improving the ODOT Internet
• ODOT News FAST 5
  1) National Work Zone Awareness Week
  2) Ethics and Elections Hotline
  3) Winter Construction Briefing
  4) New Strategic Plan Web Page
  5) Invisible Borders
Connection = Protection. New ODOT Greene Co./Wright State Shared Use Facility
New leadership, new division: Div. of Opportunity, Diversity, & Inclusion
A Truck Make-Over: D-4 transforms an old vactor jet truck into a snow fighter
• Making connections: Opening the West 73Rd St Extension in Cleveland
Hitting the road ... almost. New "perfect trucks" wait to show up due to late start to winter
Worth the wait: New Fed. Transportation "FAST Act" is in place
• Bidding freedom: New eQuotes system suggested by D-1 Auditor Carol Razo help the dept.
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2016Transcript-Jan-2016Transcript-Jan-2016.pdf1470 KB
• A message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray: Thank You for a Great Year
• ODOT News FAST 5:
  1) Multi-year Highway Bill Passed
  2) Ohio Bridge Gains National Recognition
  3) Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it ... Snow?
  4) TRAC Accepts Multi-Million-Dollar Draft List
  5) 2015 A Big Year for Asphalt in District 10
• Bringing the outdoors in: District 4’s Steve Jones shares enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits on his radio show
• A lasting footprint: I-70 improvements in D-7 are appreciated by shoe factory
• Keeping it rollin’: Thanks to ODOT's automotive mechanics and technicians
Diverse connections: ODI's Office of Outreach
• What’s your style?  Lead Ohio training is coming
• Attention, Holiday Shoppers! & BOGO, ODOT Style - Districts 6 & 7 reach out to mall shoppers to spread ODOTs message and inform drivers
• Father of Invention: Seneca County Highway Technician Ron Wise is a fabrication wizard

 Transcript Archive

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