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ODOT's Transcript Newsletter

The Transcript is the Ohio Department of Transportation's employee newsletter. With features and photos of interest to both ODOT workers and the general public.


 Current Edition

ODOT Transcript Newsletter Dec 18 Jan 19 ThumbnailTranscript-DEC-2018-JAN-2019Transcript-DEC-2018-JAN-2019.pdf3513 KB

​8 Years of Excellence
• A Special Message from Director Wray
• ODOT Achievements 2011-2018: Highlights from all 12 District
• Excellence in Government: Other ODOT Accomplishments


 2017-18 Editions

ODOT Transcript Nov ThumbnailTranscript-NOV-2018Transcript-NOV-2018.pdf1937 KB

​• Ask the Director: Poem/Song from Annual Meeting speech: 'Drinking From My Saucer'
• ODOT Dad is a Lifesaver: D-10 Highway Tech Lucas Wells
• Top Trainers: Ohio's Local Technical Assistance Program receives awards
• To the Bat Cave: ODOT ecologist find, help preserve bat hibernacula in forgotten rail tunnels
• Farm to Market: Mercer County (and others) agriculture relies on ODOT roads
• ODOT's Changing Face: More veterans, women & minorities make this 'not your grandpa's ODOT'
• Lost and Found: D-1's Mike Butler (and social media) help return a Vietnam War vet's missing hat

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - October 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-OCT-2018Transcript-OCT-2018.pdf2395 KB

​• Thank you from the Director: 72nd annual Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference
• Bundles of Joy: Monarch butterfly Habitat in D-6
• Safety-Driven: Distracted driving awareness corridor in D-4
• A Winning Smile: D-2 peer-to-peer worker recognition awards
• A Historical Past: U.S. 68 repaving project reveals a century old brick road
• Litter, Litter, Everywhere: Adopt-A-Highway program, new litter summit aim for action, prevention and enforcement
• Driving Me Sane! Ohio Driver Education Committee, with volunteers including D-3 Traffic Engineer Julie Cichello, focuses on improving safety

ODOT Transcript Newsletter September 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-SEPT-2018Transcript-SEPT-2018.pdf3971 KB

​• Safe At Holmes: Holmes County Garage hit a 10-year milestone of no lost time due to injury
• Ask the Director: I’ve been hearing a lot about TCORE (Transportation Committee on Operational Resource Efficiency) lately.
What is the mission and purpose of the committee?
• Who You Gonna Call? Goatbusters
• Born to Train:  D-2 training officer Nate Foos
• A Convoy of Safety: DriveOhio plans for Truck Platooning testing
• A Moving Message: fairs promote Ohio's Move Over law
• Going Quackers: Operation Feed Rubber Duck Campaign raises $578
• Whatever It Takes: D-1 manages an explosive crisis on I-75

ODOT Transcript - August 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-AUG-2018Transcript-AUG-2018.pdf2447 KB

​• Ask the Director: Why did ODOT change the voluntary boot program and where do we stand with the new high visibility uniform program?
• Wild, Wild Life: Protecting Amphibians in the Nelsonville Bypass in the Wayne National Forest
• It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's a  Drone? DriveOhio studying the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to monitor traffic conditions
• Plowing Ahead of the Rest: D-1's Paint the plow
• Wide Road Ahead: D-10 uses safety funding to Widen shoulders
• Distracted Driving Task Force
• Walk of Wisdom: Technical Services shares inspirational posters

ODOT Transcript May July 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-July-2018Transcript-July-2018.pdf1893 KB
• Ask the Director: What's the Pollinator Program and why is ODOT changing its mowing operations as part of this initiative?
• His Service, His Job, His Life: Hocking County Auto Mechanic (and active National Guard Staff Sergeant) Zan Vaughn
• Home Sweet Home: D-10 to get three new garages
• A Diverse Universe: ODOT plants seeds to increase diversity
• Responsibility and Rehabilitation: D-12's Izzy Ciptak provides safety instruction for ORDC Inmates helping with litter pickup efforts
• That's a 'WRAP': a new team oversees the Work, Resource, Asset and Plan Management System (WRAP) replacement efforts for EIMS
• Saddle Up: 31st Director’s Cup Roadeo & Team Up ODOT at the Ohio Expo Center
• SUE-leuthing Projects: Subsurface Utility Exploration​​
ODOT Transcript May June 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-MayJune-2018Transcript-MayJune-2018.pdf3027 KB

​• Ask the Director: GPS/AVL... What can we expect for the future of this project and how will it impact our snow and ice operation?
• Strike a Pose: D-10 gets Traffic Cameras
• Getting to Know District 11 Deputy Director Roxanne Kane
• Snoopin' Around the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge
• Smarter & Safer: D-1 Manages I-75 Project Remotely
• A Flood of Relief: D-8 & D-10 deal with water issues
• How to Fix a Slip
• The Wallet Story: Fast-acting ODOTers reunite a Floridian with his billfold

Transcript April 18 ThumbnailTranscript-April-2018Transcript-April-2018.pdf3640 KB

​• Getting to Know Sonja Simpson
• ASK THE DIRECTOR: How Many Projects in 2018?
• Women in Hard Hats
• Demolition Men: Special Projects Crew preps for I-76 widening project in D-4
• For those long gone: National Work Zone Awareness Week
• Every Rose: D-1 HQ abuts graveyard with a spooky past

ODOT Transcript Newsletter March 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-March-2018Transcript-March-2018.pdf1181 KB

​• Are you Ready to ‘Rubble?’: D-9 deals with a rockslide on State Route 7
• Ask the Director: What is the Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) Plan and what  does it mean for ODOT?
• In Memoriam: John Pasko (1964-2018)
• Reorganizing the organization: D-1 Capital Programs Administrator Chris Hughes
• A heroic action: D-7's Jack Homan helps rescues a family
• Getting to Know Lloyd MacAdam; ODOT's new Assistant Director/Chief Engineer
• Seeing past walls: CO's Terri Barnhart passionately leads ODOT's support efforts and partnerships with Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-Feb-2018Transcript-Feb-2018.pdf1647 KB

​• Never Drive Distracted, Lead by Example
• Job-Related Training Leaps Ahead with Launch Of ODOT Learn coming in March 2018
• Ask The Director: ODOT Takes a stand on distracted driving
• Future Driven: Gov. Kasich signs DriveOhio Executive Order
• As Seen on Social Media: Kudos on ODOT Winter Weather operations
• The Language of Love: Washington County Highway Technician Tim Felton and wife adopt from Ukraine
• A Tale of One Historic Bridge: pin-connected truss bridge relocated from Marion County to Michigan
• Rings of gold, silver, steel and . . . silicone?
• Black History Month: Paving the Way. C.R. Patterson & Sons, Greenfield, OH: first and only black-owned vehicle production company

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2017/January 2018 ThumbnailTranscript-Dec-2017Transcript-Dec-2017.pdf10311 KB

​• A special message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray: Excellence in Government
• It is Finished: Mural in Central Office
• Seeing Triple: CO Jessica Koren
• Smooth cooperation: D-10 paving train
• Way Better: Snow & Ice operational improvements
• Meeting Traci: Traci Luers, Workforce Diversity Recruitment Manager
• Public Showstoppers: Touch-A-Truck & Paint A Plow
• Of Gifts, Gratitude and Yearning: ODOTers donate toys for kids of inmates at Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville
• Ready to rumble: D-11 and D-10 team up for rumble strip installation
• Photo Flashback: A Centennial of Safety for Snow and Ice clearing

Nov 2017 Transcript Cover ThumbnailTranscript-Nov-2017Transcript-Nov-2017.pdf1518 KB

​• Ask the Director: Next level of Transportation using technology
• Feel the "Berm". Research project on berm compaction in D-10
• Learning 1-on-1: D-1 hosts Mentoring Day for kids and young adults
• Trees, Please.  200+ trees to be planted along the Little Miami River near the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge
• The Sport of Kings. D-11 Environmental Specialist Mike Krock is a Falconer
• A polished diamond: D-2's new SR 25 and I-275 interchange is the state's second diverging diamond
• Road-debris crashes a load of 'scrap'
• Urban to the Core: Cleveland's Lakefront West project reconnects neighborhood with Lake Erie & Opportunity Corridor work continues

Oct Transcript Cover ThumbnailTranscript-Oct-2017Transcript-Oct-2017.pdf2298 KB

​• District 6 Deputy Director Mitch Blackford is a slam dunk
• Ask the Director: What is the department doing to help the districts find good, qualified seasonal CDL drivers?
• District 4 Real Estate Department Helps Habitat for Humanity: Kristen Bergdorff
• 'Teacher Bootcamp' highlights career opportunites
• Bring Your Child to WOrk Day 2017
• Let's Go Cruise-In
• 2017 Roadeo/TeamUp/TOP Awards Making an impact

Transcript Sept 17 ThumbnailTranscript-Sept-2017Transcript-Sept-2017.pdf2140 KB

​• Cleveland hosts Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials
• Ask the Director: What are we doing to protect ODOT workers and reminding drivers about the move-over law?
• It is growing… progress on Central Office Mural
• Want to drive safe? Follow your ABCs: Attention, Buckle Up & Control
• Hard Rain: Flooding hits Licking County
• Marchbanks Promoted to Assistant Director
• A Rising Time: NW Ohio Floods
• Everyday Heroes: D-7 HT Dennis Hensley & D-1 HTs Larry Schroeder and Mike Gerding

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-Aug-2017Transcript-Aug-2017.pdf2527 KB

​• Critical Success Factors Update: ‘A Great Place to Work’ - Quality of Work Life Survey (QWLS) Returns Highest Score Ever
• Ask the Director: We have been told that our state transportation system has been mostly built and that we must maintain what we have and learn to use it more efficiently. How do we plan to do this?
• A friendly visit: District 10 Environmental Coordinator Rachel Goodpaster is pet mom to a therapy dog
• Some Assembly Required: IKEA grand opening affects traffic in Columbus
• Making a Great Start: New Hires meet the Director
• Repaying Nature: Stream Mitigation in Hocking County
• Profile: Darla Miller, District 10 Deputy Director
• Is anybody listening? New Public Service Announcement video is loud and clear about the importance of the Move Over law

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - July 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-July-2017Transcript-July-2017.pdf1633 KB

​• Charity Round Up: Inflatable Pink Flamingos help Operation Feed
• Ask the Director: Electric Vehicles and ODOT?
• Lean and Clean: 90-year-old Wally Westic has been an Adopt-A-Highway volunteer for 24 years!
• This Could Change Everything: Facilities Master Plan in action
• Keep it Clean: Litter Pickup Volunteers help the "Keep Ohio Beautiful Program"
• Facilitied Completes Extensive Renovations at Newcomerstown
• Economic Growth Permitted: record-breaking time for freight permits

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - June 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-June-2017Transcript-June-2017.pdf873 KB

​• Ask the Director: What is the department doing about work zone awareness?
• "Go Orange Day"
• 2017 Construction Season Highlights
• A Promise for Lee: Honoring D-6's fallen comrade Lee Rizor
• Monday, Monday: D-3 encourages visits across departments and garages
• The Engineers of Tomorrow: D-12 participates in Great Lakes Science Center outreach event
• It's a Twister: OHGO Camera catches a tornado near Dayton
• Partners in Safety: D-11 counties teamed with OSHP and local sheriffs to encourage safe driving
• Who's Snooping: ODOT Bridge Inspectors

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - May 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-May-2017Transcript-May-2017.pdf1888 KB
• ODOT Hosts First-Ever Civil Rights Symposium
• Ask the Director: How Civil Rights fits into our mission as a tranportation agency
• Solution in Sight: new audible pedestrian signals
• New to 2: D-2 District Deputy Director Patrick McColley
• After the Fire: wrong way driver hit a fuel tanker on I-75 near Dayton
• John Picuri to Lead District 4
• Warm Weather Warriors II: How D-12 worked a warm winter
• Recognizing Greatness: David Powers of the Office of Materials Management wins an award from Flexible Pavements of Ohio
• Coming Apptractions: new mobile apps help asset inventory and system integration activities
• What Makes 'ODOT a Great Place to Work?'
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - April 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-April-2017Transcript-April-2017.pdf1716 KB

• Life is a Highway - Grandville Scenic Byway showcases small town charm
• An Ask the Director Special: Governor Signs the Transportation Bill
• Go with the Flow: Stream Maintenance Research Project
• A Little Knowledge: IT Procurement Specialist Naya Revere Creates New Quote Request process
• Wish you weren't here: Vacationing couple (D-1's Michelle & Rod Nuveman) puts active shooter training to work
• Project Gives Cleveland a "Lift"
• Warm Weather Warriors: HTs keep busy despite mild winter
• ODOT's Corn Hole Champ: District 6 construction inspector Chad Mayberry

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2017Transcript-March-2017Transcript-March-2017.pdf1895 KB
• Finding Your Way: Nationwide initiative seeks to create designated bicycle routes across the country
• Ask the Director: Will Driverless Vehicles occur in our lifetime?
• What Makes ODOT a "Great Place to Work?"
• 'Roads' Scholars: ODOT Diversity scholarships to three Central State University students
• Safety: Here's your sign
• Critical Success Factors Update: Spotlight on People. Work Life Index
• The Taming of the Shrub: Arboriculture
• Mission: Safety
• The ODOT Way: from the motoring public . . . with deep appreciation
• Painted in a corner. D-4's Josh Haffa adds his artistic flair to Ashtabula County
• The 'Zephyr' takes flight
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-Feb-2017Transcript-Feb-2017.pdf1499 KB

• The Art of Plowing
• Ask the Director: Jobs and internal candidates
• D-12's new full-service Warrensville facility
• A force to be reckoned with: Office of Outreach
• Cool lights bring the heat: Snow Plow lights
• Painting the Town: D-11's Paint the Plow contests
• Black History Month: Moving with the times... honoring Ohio inventors
• Statewide Winter Stats
• Back in the Saddle Again: local officials try cycling on public roads
• In the Spirit of Giving: ODOT CO provides Holiday cheer to two local families

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2017 ThumbnailTranscript-Jan-2017Transcript-Jan-2017.pdf1667 KB

• Introducing ... 'Otto' the future is now: a self-driving tractor trailer using Ohio's Smart Mobility Corridor
• A special message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray on the Quality of Life Survey and ODOT's Strategic Plan
• THE ODOT MISSION MATRIX: Highlights of 2016
• Off the rails on a paving train: D-10 has a banner year for asphalt paving
• Seeing in a whole new light: ODOT participates in Transportation Day at the Ohio School for the Blind
• Heroes Just for One Day: Clermont County’s Jeff Armstrong and Ryan Ninichuck find and rescue a stranded driver hidden for two days
• Getting stuff done: Maintenance Operations Workshop
• To dance is human, Polka, divine: D-1's Defiance County auto tech Luke Rohrs plays trumpet


 Transcript Archive

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