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ODOT's Transcript Newsletter

The Transcript is the Ohio Department of Transportation's employee newsletter. With features and photos of interest to both ODOT workers and the general public.


 Current Edition

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2016Transcript-Jan-2016Transcript-Jan-2016.pdf1470 KB
• A message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray: Thank You for a Great Year
• ODOT News FAST 5:
  1) Multi-year Highway Bill Passed
  2) Ohio Bridge Gains National Recognition
  3) Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it ... Snow?
  4) TRAC Accepts Multi-Million-Dollar Draft List
  5) 2015 A Big Year for Asphalt in District 10
• Bringing the outdoors in: District 4’s Steve Jones shares enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits on his radio show
• A lasting footprint: I-70 improvements in D-7 are appreciated by shoe factory
• Keeping it rollin’: Thanks to ODOT's automotive mechanics and technicians
Diverse connections: ODI's Office of Outreach
• What’s your style?  Lead Ohio training is coming
• Attention, Holiday Shoppers! & BOGO, ODOT Style - Districts 6 & 7 reach out to mall shoppers to spread ODOTs message and inform drivers
• Father of Invention: Seneca County Highway Technician Ron Wise is a fabrication wizard
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 2015 Editions

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2015Transcript-Dec-2015Transcript-Dec-2015.pdf1207 KB
• Please Don't Feed the Hog!
• Ask the Director:
Deciding which project are funded
• ODOT News FAST 5:
  1) Employees Can Evaluate Managers
  2) Annual Meetings Come To A Close
  3) Ohio’s Bridge Inventory Recognized
  4) Crews Showcase Increased Force Account Work
  5) Statewide Safety Campaign Continued
• Parting with History - Dismantling the 'Control Delaware' Radio Tower
• We are #ODOTREADY: People, Equipment, Materials and Weather systems are set for handling Snow and Ice
• Ashtabula transportation manager helps teen drivers: Bill Strubbe
• Don’t cry over spilled milk: milk tanker crash on I-70 Guernsey Co
• And For My Next Trick... Replace a Bridge in 5 Hours: New bridge slides into place on I-75
• PROFILE: The Journey: Joseph Seif, District 12 Bridge Maintenance Engineer
November 2015 ThumbnailTranscript-Nov-2015Transcript-Nov-2015.pdf2750 KB
• ‘Throwback’ to the future: D-5 restores an historic bridge and National Road marker
• Profile:  He just changed districts . . . again! DDD Al Biehl
• Ask the Director: What is ODOT doing to Prepare for Winter?
• ODOT News FAST 5
 1. County Crews Ready Themselves For Winter
 2. Move Over Campaign Successful
 3. Safety Inspectors Take Advantage Of App
 4. CMTP Holds Capstone Event
 5. Latest Quarterly State Of The Department Message Released
• ‘Good ideas start in garages’ Research project studies specialty plow blades
• New District 3 Full Service Maintenance Facility
• A link through time: The Anthony Wayne Bridge rededication
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - October 2015Transcript-Oct-2015Transcript-Oct-2015.pdf1844 KB
• Ask the Director: Sharing safety messages via signs
• ODOT News Fast 5
  1. ODOT Awarded At Major Conference
  2. New Division Rolled Out: Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  3. Bringing You In ‘The Loop!’: new video spotlight
  4. Annual Meeting Season Arrives
  5. Grand Opening Of Unique Project: D-6's U.S. 23 'Trench'
• Profile: Tammy K. Campbell, P.E., District 8 Deputy Director
• To bee, or not to bee: moving the bee colony out of the Noble Co. mixing shed
• 17th Annual Team Up 2015
• Mission Possible: Preserving Peregrines... impacted by the new Voinovich Bridge in Cleveland
• ODOT carries state in reaching MBE goal
• From rusting to revitalized: D-4 refurbished Plow Trucks
New Employee Reference Guide available
• A day in the life...
Transportation Technician Tony Vcelka
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - September 2015 ThumbTranscript-Sept-2015Transcript-Sept-2015.pdf1604 KB
• Ask the Director: Supporting the mission and measuring
• ODOT News Fast 5
  1. Safest County Celebrates Record (Holmes Co.)
  2. And the Award Goes To... Transit Needs Study
  3. #MoveOverMonday Kicks Off
  4. Legislature Extends Highway Bill Again
  5. Department Wins Honors for TIMS
Keep Dry and Carry On - District 1 HQ weathers a flood
Profile: It’S in the Mail. District 3 Deputy Director Butch Huebner got his start in the mail room
Quality of Work Life Survey 2015 Infographic
Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway overview
Learning for Leadership: D-7 HTs get leadership training
Getting a handle on: herbicidal spraying research
ODOT Golf Leagues & Events
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2015 ThumbnailTranscript-Aug-2015Transcript-Aug-2015.pdf1170 KB
• New meaning for ‘putting out fires’- Tanker fire on Columbus' West Side
• Ask the Director: District to District internal postings and other differences
• The ODOT New Fast Five
  1. EIMS Liaisons Announced
  2. Construction Begins On First-Of-Its-Kind Project
  3. ODOT Earns Praise For Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative Contributions
  4. HTs Build Leadership Skills
  5. Team Up ODOT In September!
• ODOT snow plow trucks to be outfitted with GPS
• At the corner of state and federal -
D-7 meets and interacts with FHWA Ohio Division
• I-80 widening project ground breaking
• A Day in the Life: An ODOT trailblazer calls it a day. D-6's Vikki Daas retires
• ODOT Asset Management Plan moves forward
• ODOT People are Amazing ... at work: Two new facilities for two incredible crews. Athens and Columbiana counties get new maintenance facilities
• ODOT People are Amazing ... at play: Life’s a journey ... enjoy the ride. D-11 HMA Tom Corey bikes the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to Washington. D.C.
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - June 2015Transcript-June-2015Transcript-June-2015.pdf1683 KB
• New Division improves diversity, creates opportunities for minority businesses
Ask the Director: Bonding and ODOT's Budget...
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. Workers Are Educated On HT Series Changes
  2. ODOT Email Migrates
  3. Publication Features ODOT, Prison Partnership
  4. New Facility Welcomes County Crew
  5. District 3 Crew Recycles Equipment
ODOT’s Budget: Where Does It Go?
• Casting a wide safety net - D-5 Safety Fair
A Day in the Life: No such thing as a typical day: Aviation Manager and Chief Pilot Mark Groves
• National bicycle route taking shape with Ohio project
• Giving a dam: ODOT helps with Morley Road dam removal in Lake County
ODOT People are Amazing... at work: Is ODOT ready? Yes! ODOT has emergency response readiness plans for Buckeye Lake Dam
• D-2 DDD Todd Audet promoted to brigadier general of the Ohio Air National Guard
ODOT People are Amazing... at play: Highway Tech Rich Miller from Stark County is ‘nostalgic’ for drag racing
Transcript-April-2015Transcript-April-2015Transcript-April-2015.pdf1230 KB
• Statewide News
  • IT optimization plan requires changes to email system
  • Trucks built to last: For more than 40 years, the inmates at CCI have built dump trucks for ODOT
• Local News
  • District 3 receives Chamber award
  • Progress on the new U.S. Route 23 trench
  • Fluctuating temperatures mean clearing more than snow from roadway
• Ask the Director: Shouldn't ‘Long term’ be removed from the vision statement due to political.”
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. Transportation bill signed into law
  2. Work Zone Awareness Week
  3. Construction season begins
  4. Roadway collapses in Pleasantville
  5. New device makes pothole patc hing possible
• A Day in the Life: ‘Who you gonna call?’ Signal electricians!
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Between a rock & a hard place Quick work reopens U.S. Route 52 in Lawrence Co. after a landslide
• ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: Finding harmony in math and music: District 1 Assistant Auditor Debb Herr passion for the cello
• A look back at the landscape: The Craft of Land Surveyors
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2015Transcript-March-2015Transcript-March-2015.pdf1305 KB
• Statewide News
  • Locating a work zone? There’s an app for that
  • Field employees benefit from system upgrade (TIMS)
  • ODOT wins national award for transportation planning in rural areas
• Ask the Director: DAS training series for supervisors
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. TRAC approves list of Jobs and Transportation Plan projects
  2. February storms drive up snow and ice costs
  3. HT Wins Roadeo, Receives New Truck
  4. National Safe Routes to School conference to be held in Ohio
  5. Flexible Pavement Award Winners
• A Day in the Life: Highway technician Phil Lance helps spread safety message
• Local News
  • Veteran’s Job Fair a benefit for everyone (D-7)
  • District 4 assists Portage County engineer with brine program
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Purchasing made easy with Ruth Ann Neely and Alana Haberman
• ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: A need for speed; ODOT Pilot Andrew Doll's hobby is rebuilding and racing a vintage racecar
Transcript February 2015Transcript-Feb-2015Transcript-Feb-2015.pdf1655 KB
• Statewide News
  •  Uniform program set to begin
  •  Half-century-old buildings make way for larger, more efficient ones
  •  Better safe than sorry: Highway Safety improvements
• Local News
  • First section of Opportunity Corridor to start in Cleveland 
  • On the night shift: Snow and Ice Season in D-7's Montgomery Co. Garage
• Ask the Director: Concerns with hiring consultants and contracting out work instead of in-house
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. Lean Event Looks At Sign Production
  2. Contract Negotiations to Start
  3. Safety Program Kicks Off
  4. District 7 Plans Work Months Ahead
  5. ODOT Receives Regular Air Time In Toledo
• A Day in the Life: National Engineers Week
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Better research, better results. new process is helping to simplify culvert replacement, saving time and money.
• ODOT Plows are Amazing … a photo roundup of statewide painted plows
Transcript Newsletter - January 2015Transcript-Jan-2015Transcript-Jan-2015.pdf1272 KB

• Statewide News:
• Perfect truck team meets goals; new trucks hit the roads
  • Backing accidents
Local News:
  • Epoke comes to Belmont County
  • New tools in site (D-1 Garage)
  • District 4 double wing plow truck
  • Nelsonville Bypass project earns environmental honor
• Ask the Director: “ODOT needs to have more diversity among its employees..."
• The ODOT News Fast Five
 1. Annual Survey Expected In Spring
 2. Upward Feedback Team Meets
 3. ePerformance Evaluations Due In January
 4. I-71 Widening Complete In Time for Holidays
 5. District 1 Opens New Maintenance Campus
• A Day in the Life: He weathers the storms; District 8’s weather guru, Chuck Hecht
ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Pair take pride in craft. Ashland County Highway Technicians Mike Reisinger and Aaron Martin are the "concrete crew"
People are Amazing … at giving! Roundup of statewide charitable activities


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