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collapse Year : 2018 ‎(6)
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2018 Transcript-AUG-2018Transcript-AUG-2018.pdf2447 KB 8/21/2018ODOT Transcript - August 2018 Thumbnail

​• Ask the Director: Why did ODOT change the voluntary boot program and where do we stand with the new high visibility uniform program?
• Wild, Wild Life: Protecting Amphibians in the Nelsonville Bypass in the Wayne National Forest
• It's a Bird, It's a Plane... It's a  Drone? DriveOhio studying the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to monitor traffic conditions
• Plowing Ahead of the Rest: D-1's Paint the plow
• Wide Road Ahead: D-10 uses safety funding to Widen shoulders
• Distracted Driving Task Force
• Walk of Wisdom: Technical Services shares inspirational posters

ODOT Transcript July 2018Transcript-July-2018Transcript-July-2018.pdf1893 KB 7/7/2018ODOT Transcript May July 2018 Thumbnail
• Ask the Director: What's the Pollinator Program and why is ODOT changing its mowing operations as part of this initiative?
• His Service, His Job, His Life: Hocking County Auto Mechanic (and active National Guard Staff Sergeant) Zan Vaughn
• Home Sweet Home: D-10 to get three new garages
• A Diverse Universe: ODOT plants seeds to increase diversity
• Responsibility and Rehabilitation: D-12's Izzy Ciptak provides safety instruction for ORDC Inmates helping with litter pickup efforts
• That's a 'WRAP': a new team oversees the Work, Resource, Asset and Plan Management System (WRAP) replacement efforts for EIMS
• Saddle Up: 31st Director’s Cup Roadeo & Team Up ODOT at the Ohio Expo Center
• SUE-leuthing Projects: Subsurface Utility Exploration​​
ODOT Transcript May June 2018Transcript-MayJune-2018Transcript-MayJune-2018.pdf3027 KB 6/22/2018ODOT Transcript May June 2018 Thumbnail

​• Ask the Director: GPS/AVL... What can we expect for the future of this project and how will it impact our snow and ice operation?
• Strike a Pose: D-10 gets Traffic Cameras
• Getting to Know District 11 Deputy Director Roxanne Kane
• Snoopin' Around the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge
• Smarter & Safer: D-1 Manages I-75 Project Remotely
• A Flood of Relief: D-8 & D-10 deal with water issues
• How to Fix a Slip
• The Wallet Story: Fast-acting ODOTers reunite a Floridian with his billfold

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - April 2018Transcript-April-2018Transcript-April-2018.pdf3640 KB 4/30/2018Transcript April 18 Thumbnail

​• Getting to Know Sonja Simpson
• ASK THE DIRECTOR: How Many Projects in 2018?
• Women in Hard Hats
• Demolition Men: Special Projects Crew preps for I-76 widening project in D-4
• For those long gone: National Work Zone Awareness Week
• Every Rose: D-1 HQ abuts graveyard with a spooky past

ODOT Transcript Newsletter March 2018Transcript-March-2018Transcript-March-2018.pdf1181 KB 3/28/2018ODOT Transcript Newsletter March 2018 Thumbnail

​• Are you Ready to ‘Rubble?’: D-9 deals with a rockslide on State Route 7
• Ask the Director: What is the Transportation Systems Management & Operations (TSMO) Plan and what  does it mean for ODOT?
• In Memoriam: John Pasko (1964-2018)
• Reorganizing the organization: D-1 Capital Programs Administrator Chris Hughes
• A heroic action: D-7's Jack Homan helps rescues a family
• Getting to Know Lloyd MacAdam; ODOT's new Assistant Director/Chief Engineer
• Seeing past walls: CO's Terri Barnhart passionately leads ODOT's support efforts and partnerships with Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2018Transcript-Feb-2018Transcript-Feb-2018.pdf1647 KB 2/27/2018ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2018 Thumbnail

​• Never Drive Distracted, Lead by Example
• Job-Related Training Leaps Ahead with Launch Of ODOT Learn coming in March 2018
• Ask The Director: ODOT Takes a stand on distracted driving
• Future Driven: Gov. Kasich signs DriveOhio Executive Order
• As Seen on Social Media: Kudos on ODOT Winter Weather operations
• The Language of Love: Washington County Highway Technician Tim Felton and wife adopt from Ukraine
• A Tale of One Historic Bridge: pin-connected truss bridge relocated from Marion County to Michigan
• Rings of gold, silver, steel and . . . silicone?
• Black History Month: Paving the Way. C.R. Patterson & Sons, Greenfield, OH: first and only black-owned vehicle production company

collapse Year : 2017, 2018 ‎(1)
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2017/January 2018Transcript-Dec-2017Transcript-Dec-2017.pdf10311 KB 1/29/2018ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2017/January 2018 Thumbnail

​• A special message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray: Excellence in Government
• It is Finished: Mural in Central Office
• Seeing Triple: CO Jessica Koren
• Smooth cooperation: D-10 paving train
• Way Better: Snow & Ice operational improvements
• Meeting Traci: Traci Luers, Workforce Diversity Recruitment Manager
• Public Showstoppers: Touch-A-Truck & Paint A Plow
• Of Gifts, Gratitude and Yearning: ODOTers donate toys for kids of inmates at Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville
• Ready to rumble: D-11 and D-10 team up for rumble strip installation
• Photo Flashback: A Centennial of Safety for Snow and Ice clearing

collapse Year : 2017 ‎(11)
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - November 2017Transcript-Nov-2017Transcript-Nov-2017.pdf1518 KB 11/15/2017Nov 2017 Transcript Cover Thumbnail

​• Ask the Director: Next level of Transportation using technology
• Feel the "Berm". Research project on berm compaction in D-10
• Learning 1-on-1: D-1 hosts Mentoring Day for kids and young adults
• Trees, Please.  200+ trees to be planted along the Little Miami River near the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge
• The Sport of Kings. D-11 Environmental Specialist Mike Krock is a Falconer
• A polished diamond: D-2's new SR 25 and I-275 interchange is the state's second diverging diamond
• Road-debris crashes a load of 'scrap'
• Urban to the Core: Cleveland's Lakefront West project reconnects neighborhood with Lake Erie & Opportunity Corridor work continues

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - October 2017Transcript-Oct-2017Transcript-Oct-2017.pdf2298 KB 10/20/2017Oct Transcript Cover Thumbnail

​• District 6 Deputy Director Mitch Blackford is a slam dunk
• Ask the Director: What is the department doing to help the districts find good, qualified seasonal CDL drivers?
• District 4 Real Estate Department Helps Habitat for Humanity: Kristen Bergdorff
• 'Teacher Bootcamp' highlights career opportunites
• Bring Your Child to WOrk Day 2017
• Let's Go Cruise-In
• 2017 Roadeo/TeamUp/TOP Awards Making an impact

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - September 2017Transcript-Sept-2017Transcript-Sept-2017.pdf2140 KB 9/25/2017Transcript Sept 17 Thumbnail

​• Cleveland hosts Mid America Association of State Transportation Officials
• Ask the Director: What are we doing to protect ODOT workers and reminding drivers about the move-over law?
• It is growing… progress on Central Office Mural
• Want to drive safe? Follow your ABCs: Attention, Buckle Up & Control
• Hard Rain: Flooding hits Licking County
• Marchbanks Promoted to Assistant Director
• A Rising Time: NW Ohio Floods
• Everyday Heroes: D-7 HT Dennis Hensley & D-1 HTs Larry Schroeder and Mike Gerding

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2017Transcript-Aug-2017Transcript-Aug-2017.pdf2527 KB 8/25/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2017 Thumbnail

​• Critical Success Factors Update: ‘A Great Place to Work’ - Quality of Work Life Survey (QWLS) Returns Highest Score Ever
• Ask the Director: We have been told that our state transportation system has been mostly built and that we must maintain what we have and learn to use it more efficiently. How do we plan to do this?
• A friendly visit: District 10 Environmental Coordinator Rachel Goodpaster is pet mom to a therapy dog
• Some Assembly Required: IKEA grand opening affects traffic in Columbus
• Making a Great Start: New Hires meet the Director
• Repaying Nature: Stream Mitigation in Hocking County
• Profile: Darla Miller, District 10 Deputy Director
• Is anybody listening? New Public Service Announcement video is loud and clear about the importance of the Move Over law

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - July 2017Transcript-July-2017Transcript-July-2017.pdf1633 KB 7/30/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - July 2017 Thumbnail

​• Charity Round Up: Inflatable Pink Flamingos help Operation Feed
• Ask the Director: Electric Vehicles and ODOT?
• Lean and Clean: 90-year-old Wally Westic has been an Adopt-A-Highway volunteer for 24 years!
• This Could Change Everything: Facilities Master Plan in action
• Keep it Clean: Litter Pickup Volunteers help the "Keep Ohio Beautiful Program"
• Facilitied Completes Extensive Renovations at Newcomerstown
• Economic Growth Permitted: record-breaking time for freight permits

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - June 2017Transcript-June-2017Transcript-June-2017.pdf873 KB 6/22/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - June 2017 Thumbnail

​• Ask the Director: What is the department doing about work zone awareness?
• "Go Orange Day"
• 2017 Construction Season Highlights
• A Promise for Lee: Honoring D-6's fallen comrade Lee Rizor
• Monday, Monday: D-3 encourages visits across departments and garages
• The Engineers of Tomorrow: D-12 participates in Great Lakes Science Center outreach event
• It's a Twister: OHGO Camera catches a tornado near Dayton
• Partners in Safety: D-11 counties teamed with OSHP and local sheriffs to encourage safe driving
• Who's Snooping: ODOT Bridge Inspectors

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - May 2017Transcript-May-2017Transcript-May-2017.pdf1888 KB 5/22/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - May 2017 Thumbnail
• ODOT Hosts First-Ever Civil Rights Symposium
• Ask the Director: How Civil Rights fits into our mission as a tranportation agency
• Solution in Sight: new audible pedestrian signals
• New to 2: D-2 District Deputy Director Patrick McColley
• After the Fire: wrong way driver hit a fuel tanker on I-75 near Dayton
• John Picuri to Lead District 4
• Warm Weather Warriors II: How D-12 worked a warm winter
• Recognizing Greatness: David Powers of the Office of Materials Management wins an award from Flexible Pavements of Ohio
• Coming Apptractions: new mobile apps help asset inventory and system integration activities
• What Makes 'ODOT a Great Place to Work?'
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - April 2017Transcript-April-2017Transcript-April-2017.pdf1716 KB 4/24/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - April 2017 Thumbnail

• Life is a Highway - Grandville Scenic Byway showcases small town charm
• An Ask the Director Special: Governor Signs the Transportation Bill
• Go with the Flow: Stream Maintenance Research Project
• A Little Knowledge: IT Procurement Specialist Naya Revere Creates New Quote Request process
• Wish you weren't here: Vacationing couple (D-1's Michelle & Rod Nuveman) puts active shooter training to work
• Project Gives Cleveland a "Lift"
• Warm Weather Warriors: HTs keep busy despite mild winter
• ODOT's Corn Hole Champ: District 6 construction inspector Chad Mayberry

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2017Transcript-March-2017Transcript-March-2017.pdf1895 KB 3/27/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2017
• Finding Your Way: Nationwide initiative seeks to create designated bicycle routes across the country
• Ask the Director: Will Driverless Vehicles occur in our lifetime?
• What Makes ODOT a "Great Place to Work?"
• 'Roads' Scholars: ODOT Diversity scholarships to three Central State University students
• Safety: Here's your sign
• Critical Success Factors Update: Spotlight on People. Work Life Index
• The Taming of the Shrub: Arboriculture
• Mission: Safety
• The ODOT Way: from the motoring public . . . with deep appreciation
• Painted in a corner. D-4's Josh Haffa adds his artistic flair to Ashtabula County
• The 'Zephyr' takes flight
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2017Transcript-Feb-2017Transcript-Feb-2017.pdf1499 KB 2/20/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2017 Thumbnail

• The Art of Plowing
• Ask the Director: Jobs and internal candidates
• D-12's new full-service Warrensville facility
• A force to be reckoned with: Office of Outreach
• Cool lights bring the heat: Snow Plow lights
• Painting the Town: D-11's Paint the Plow contests
• Black History Month: Moving with the times... honoring Ohio inventors
• Statewide Winter Stats
• Back in the Saddle Again: local officials try cycling on public roads
• In the Spirit of Giving: ODOT CO provides Holiday cheer to two local families

ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2017Transcript-Jan-2017Transcript-Jan-2017.pdf1667 KB 1/16/2017ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2017 Thumbnail

• Introducing ... 'Otto' the future is now: a self-driving tractor trailer using Ohio's Smart Mobility Corridor
• A special message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray on the Quality of Life Survey and ODOT's Strategic Plan
• THE ODOT MISSION MATRIX: Highlights of 2016
• Off the rails on a paving train: D-10 has a banner year for asphalt paving
• Seeing in a whole new light: ODOT participates in Transportation Day at the Ohio School for the Blind
• Heroes Just for One Day: Clermont County’s Jeff Armstrong and Ryan Ninichuck find and rescue a stranded driver hidden for two days
• Getting stuff done: Maintenance Operations Workshop
• To dance is human, Polka, divine: D-1's Defiance County auto tech Luke Rohrs plays trumpet

collapse Year : 2016 ‎(11)
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2016Transcript-Dec-2016Transcript-Dec-2016.pdf1990 KB 12/16/2016ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2016 Thumbnail
• Ask the Director: Snow & Ice Control Shift Hours
• Acting Locally: Local Project Administration (LPA) Days
• Nailed It! Soil Nailing Provides Slope Stability
• A Maritime Study
• Critical Success Factors Update: Insert for FY16 Q4 results with a spotlight on System Conditions
• Delivering the news: D-6 Participates in Arts in the Alley Parade
• ODOT, Public Join Forces for Cause... Pollinator initiative seeks to reestablish butterfly habitats
• To Serve and Repair: D-10 I-77 maintenance project in Washington County is in the books
• Hailing the king: Meigs County Transportation Manager Keith Weber sidelines on drums for award-winning Elvis impersonator
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - November 2016Transcript-Nov-2016Transcript-Nov-2016.pdf2019 KB 11/4/2016ODOT Transcript Newsletter - November 2016 Thumbnail
• Construction Season Highlights from around the state
• Ask the Director: Which project is largest: the George V. Voinovich Bridge or the Southern Ohio Veteran's Memorial Highway?
• TEAM UP Winners. Frustration: The father of invention. Travis Avery and Keith Bantner from District 1
• Ice Free in 3
• Start Talking! Building a Drug Free Future
• ODOT has a technology council?
• ODOT is Ready for Winter
• Small tablets equal big savings
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - October 2016Transcript-Oct-2016Transcript-Oct-2016.pdf1463 KB 10/11/2016October 16  Transcript Thumbnail
• Ask the Director: Shouldn't we upgrade county facilities at a faster rate?
• District 12 Wins Regional AASHTO Award
• Pull on through! Drive-through salt barns to increase safety, efficiency (D-7)
• ODOT Has a Rail Division?
• Profile: Tom Corey, Deputy Director of Operations
• Protecting People and Property - safety enhancements
• 2016 Director’s Cup Roadeo & TeamUp ODOT
• A Growing Safety Trend: Roundabouts is D-3
• An attitude of gratitude: D-1's HT Ivory Austin
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - September 2016Transcript-Sept-2016Transcript-Sept-2016.pdf2388 KB 9/2/2016Transcript Sept 2016 Thumbnail
• Have app, will travel... OHGO App is here
• Ask the Director: '16 Quality of Life Survey and how we compare
• Through New Eyes: Interns learn and make an impact at ODOT
• A 'stunning' achievement. Electro-fishing helps relocate fish
• Feed the need. Update on Ohio's polinator habitat initiative
• Energy is moving. D-11 crews preps roads for superloads need to construct a new powerplant in Carroll County
• Virtue rewarded. ODOT receives FHWA redistribution funds
• Health from a New Angle: Employee Development & Lean's Carol Schubert is a certified Yoga trainer
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2016Transcript-Aug-2016Transcript-Aug-2016.pdf1669 KB 8/12/2016Transcript-Aug-2016 Thumbnail
• Inside the RNC - 6 ways ODOT was ready
• Ask the Director - "worst firs" to "taking care of what we have"? Asset management and preservation at ODOT
• Shopping ‘center’ of the universe - New Outlet Mall in Delaware County
• One team together - D-10 gets helping hand and temporary traffic signals from surrounding districts
• WOrkplace Culture, Part 3: Vendor Selection
• Return Engagement: Jack Marchbanks District Six Deputy Director
• Critical Success Factors Update: FY16 Q3, Focus on People: DBE EDGE and MBE Goals
• ODOT’s First ‘ODI Champions’
• OAKSenterprise: And Enterprising Solution
• Don't Call it a Comeback: Ramp Meters return to service
• Vegetation Devastation: D-7 Montgomery County researches herbacides and mowing methods
• A Day in the Life... D-3's P&E Project Manager, Craig Devore
Transcript Newsletter - June 2016Transcript-June-2016Transcript-June-2016.pdf2007 KB 6/24/2016Transcript Newsletter - June 2016 Thumbnail
• Saving 'ODOT' - roadside rescue of a boa constrictor!
• Ask the Director: Why did we commision a Disparity Study?
• Miami County ODOT crews help with area high schools' seat belt contest
• ‘Friend to Everyone’ | A Tribute to Joyce Miller
• Litter Volunteers ‘kick butt’
• One Truck, Many Uses - Portage County pilots a versatile pick-up with multiple bed configurations
• Operation ‘Put a Lid on It’ - provides free bike helmets to kids
• Quality Wins - D-9 construction office is recognized with two awards for excellence
• Out With the Old - D-1 gets two new facilites
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - May 2016Transcript-May-2016Transcript-May-2016.pdf1870 KB 5/23/2016Transcript-May-2016 Thumbnail
• Profile: District 1 ‘mussel’ man Nate Tessler
• Ask the Director: Work Zone Awareness
• ‘GO ORANGE’ for Work Zone Safety
• Workplace Culture Part 2: Promotions. How are we doing?
• CLEanUpCleveland: Litter Cleanup Event
• 2016 Construction Kickoff Infographic
• In Solemn Remembrance: National Work Zone Awareness event held in Perrysburg, OH
• Service comes first: Sonja Simpson named D-5 Deputy Director
• Seal of Approval: D-1 Chip Seal
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - April 2016Transcript-Apr-2016Transcript-Apr-2016.pdf1255 KB 4/25/2016April 2016 Transcript Thumbnail
• The Gold Standard: District 12’s I-90 project achieves highest FHWA ratings for sustainability
• Ask the Director: Mission of the new Division of Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion
• ODOT News FAST 5
  1) Safety Campaign Re-Launch
  2) 'Don't Be THAT Driver'
  3) Safe, Visable, Professional
  4) Becomin a Great Supervisor
  5) Construction Season is Here!
• Feeding those who feed us: Planting wildflowers and native grasses for pollinators
• Workplace Culture Part 1: Hiring and the Anti-Nepotism Policy
• Always have someone watching: Avoiding a close call in D-7
• Fornshell in Five: 5 facts about B&HR AD Anne Fornshell
• Boundaries: crossed. Visiting other counties and districts
• Inspiring Hope: Donating to the Ohio Women's Reformatory in Marysville
• Profile: New HR DD Brian Brown
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2016Transcript-Mar-2016Transcript-Mar-2016.pdf3906 KB 3/18/2016ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2016 Thumbnail
• Drivers take to social media in praise of winter efforts
• Critical Success Factors Update: Insert for FY16 Q2 results with a spotlight on PEOPLE: Workforce Injury and Crashes
• Ask the Director: Questioning efficiencies
• ODOT News FAST 5
 1) Like a Good Neighbor... ODOT is there
 2) Planning Organization An Ohio First
 3) Standard of Excellence
 4) Paving the Way
 5) Are you 'Kitten' Me?
• A PATH TO DIVERSITY: The road to a more inclusive workforce
• ODOT: Safety and looking professional
• Found treasure: District 4 ‘s Mike Valco has been collecting and displaying items found along the road
• Meeting of Great Minds: district deputy directors’ administrative assistants meet
• Professor, mentor, or ‘coach?’: Union County Highway Technician Jeff Fluharty
‘Don’t Be That Driver’: National Work Zone Awareness
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2016Transcript-Feb-2016Transcript-Feb-2016.pdf1630 KB 2/19/2016ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2016 Thumbnail
• Come Sail Away: D-2 Bridge Engineer Jim Bradley is passionately into sailing
• Ask the Director: Improving the ODOT Internet
• ODOT News FAST 5
  1) National Work Zone Awareness Week
  2) Ethics and Elections Hotline
  3) Winter Construction Briefing
  4) New Strategic Plan Web Page
  5) Invisible Borders
Connection = Protection. New ODOT Greene Co./Wright State Shared Use Facility
New leadership, new division: Div. of Opportunity, Diversity, & Inclusion
A Truck Make-Over: D-4 transforms an old vactor jet truck into a snow fighter
• Making connections: Opening the West 73Rd St Extension in Cleveland
Hitting the road ... almost. New "perfect trucks" wait to show up due to late start to winter
Worth the wait: New Fed. Transportation "FAST Act" is in place
• Bidding freedom: New eQuotes system suggested by D-1 Auditor Carol Razo help the dept.
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2016Transcript-Jan-2016Transcript-Jan-2016.pdf1470 KB 1/18/2016ODOT Transcript Newsletter - January 2016
• A message from ODOT Director Jerry Wray: Thank You for a Great Year
• ODOT News FAST 5:
  1) Multi-year Highway Bill Passed
  2) Ohio Bridge Gains National Recognition
  3) Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it ... Snow?
  4) TRAC Accepts Multi-Million-Dollar Draft List
  5) 2015 A Big Year for Asphalt in District 10
• Bringing the outdoors in: District 4’s Steve Jones shares enthusiasm for outdoor pursuits on his radio show
• A lasting footprint: I-70 improvements in D-7 are appreciated by shoe factory
• Keeping it rollin’: Thanks to ODOT's automotive mechanics and technicians
Diverse connections: ODI's Office of Outreach
• What’s your style?  Lead Ohio training is coming
• Attention, Holiday Shoppers! & BOGO, ODOT Style - Districts 6 & 7 reach out to mall shoppers to spread ODOTs message and inform drivers
• Father of Invention: Seneca County Highway Technician Ron Wise is a fabrication wizard
collapse Year : 2015 ‎(10)
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2015Transcript-Dec-2015Transcript-Dec-2015.pdf1207 KB 12/16/2015ODOT Transcript Newsletter - December 2015 Thumbnail
• Please Don't Feed the Hog!
• Ask the Director:
Deciding which project are funded
• ODOT News FAST 5:
  1) Employees Can Evaluate Managers
  2) Annual Meetings Come To A Close
  3) Ohio’s Bridge Inventory Recognized
  4) Crews Showcase Increased Force Account Work
  5) Statewide Safety Campaign Continued
• Parting with History - Dismantling the 'Control Delaware' Radio Tower
• We are #ODOTREADY: People, Equipment, Materials and Weather systems are set for handling Snow and Ice
• Ashtabula transportation manager helps teen drivers: Bill Strubbe
• Don’t cry over spilled milk: milk tanker crash on I-70 Guernsey Co
• And For My Next Trick... Replace a Bridge in 5 Hours: New bridge slides into place on I-75
• PROFILE: The Journey: Joseph Seif, District 12 Bridge Maintenance Engineer
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - November 2015 Transcript-Nov-2015Transcript-Nov-2015.pdf2750 KB 11/20/2015November 2015 Thumbnail
• ‘Throwback’ to the future: D-5 restores an historic bridge and National Road marker
• Profile:  He just changed districts . . . again! DDD Al Biehl
• Ask the Director: What is ODOT doing to Prepare for Winter?
• ODOT News FAST 5
 1. County Crews Ready Themselves For Winter
 2. Move Over Campaign Successful
 3. Safety Inspectors Take Advantage Of App
 4. CMTP Holds Capstone Event
 5. Latest Quarterly State Of The Department Message Released
• ‘Good ideas start in garages’ Research project studies specialty plow blades
• New District 3 Full Service Maintenance Facility
• A link through time: The Anthony Wayne Bridge rededication
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - October 2015Transcript-Oct-2015Transcript-Oct-2015.pdf1844 KB 10/2/2015ODOT Transcript Newsletter - October 2015
• Ask the Director: Sharing safety messages via signs
• ODOT News Fast 5
  1. ODOT Awarded At Major Conference
  2. New Division Rolled Out: Opportunity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  3. Bringing You In ‘The Loop!’: new video spotlight
  4. Annual Meeting Season Arrives
  5. Grand Opening Of Unique Project: D-6's U.S. 23 'Trench'
• Profile: Tammy K. Campbell, P.E., District 8 Deputy Director
• To bee, or not to bee: moving the bee colony out of the Noble Co. mixing shed
• 17th Annual Team Up 2015
• Mission Possible: Preserving Peregrines... impacted by the new Voinovich Bridge in Cleveland
• ODOT carries state in reaching MBE goal
• From rusting to revitalized: D-4 refurbished Plow Trucks
New Employee Reference Guide available
• A day in the life...
Transportation Technician Tony Vcelka
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - September 2015Transcript-Sept-2015Transcript-Sept-2015.pdf1604 KB 9/4/2015ODOT Transcript Newsletter - September 2015 Thumb
• Ask the Director: Supporting the mission and measuring
• ODOT News Fast 5
  1. Safest County Celebrates Record (Holmes Co.)
  2. And the Award Goes To... Transit Needs Study
  3. #MoveOverMonday Kicks Off
  4. Legislature Extends Highway Bill Again
  5. Department Wins Honors for TIMS
Keep Dry and Carry On - District 1 HQ weathers a flood
Profile: It’S in the Mail. District 3 Deputy Director Butch Huebner got his start in the mail room
Quality of Work Life Survey 2015 Infographic
Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway overview
Learning for Leadership: D-7 HTs get leadership training
Getting a handle on: herbicidal spraying research
ODOT Golf Leagues & Events
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2015Transcript-Aug-2015Transcript-Aug-2015.pdf1170 KB 8/11/2015ODOT Transcript Newsletter - August 2015 Thumbnail
• New meaning for ‘putting out fires’- Tanker fire on Columbus' West Side
• Ask the Director: District to District internal postings and other differences
• The ODOT New Fast Five
  1. EIMS Liaisons Announced
  2. Construction Begins On First-Of-Its-Kind Project
  3. ODOT Earns Praise For Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative Contributions
  4. HTs Build Leadership Skills
  5. Team Up ODOT In September!
• ODOT snow plow trucks to be outfitted with GPS
• At the corner of state and federal -
D-7 meets and interacts with FHWA Ohio Division
• I-80 widening project ground breaking
• A Day in the Life: An ODOT trailblazer calls it a day. D-6's Vikki Daas retires
• ODOT Asset Management Plan moves forward
• ODOT People are Amazing ... at work: Two new facilities for two incredible crews. Athens and Columbiana counties get new maintenance facilities
• ODOT People are Amazing ... at play: Life’s a journey ... enjoy the ride. D-11 HMA Tom Corey bikes the Great Allegheny Passage from Pittsburgh to Washington. D.C.
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - June 2015Transcript-June-2015Transcript-June-2015.pdf1683 KB 6/30/2015ODOT Transcript Newsletter - June 2015
• New Division improves diversity, creates opportunities for minority businesses
Ask the Director: Bonding and ODOT's Budget...
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. Workers Are Educated On HT Series Changes
  2. ODOT Email Migrates
  3. Publication Features ODOT, Prison Partnership
  4. New Facility Welcomes County Crew
  5. District 3 Crew Recycles Equipment
ODOT’s Budget: Where Does It Go?
• Casting a wide safety net - D-5 Safety Fair
A Day in the Life: No such thing as a typical day: Aviation Manager and Chief Pilot Mark Groves
• National bicycle route taking shape with Ohio project
• Giving a dam: ODOT helps with Morley Road dam removal in Lake County
ODOT People are Amazing... at work: Is ODOT ready? Yes! ODOT has emergency response readiness plans for Buckeye Lake Dam
• D-2 DDD Todd Audet promoted to brigadier general of the Ohio Air National Guard
ODOT People are Amazing... at play: Highway Tech Rich Miller from Stark County is ‘nostalgic’ for drag racing
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - April 2015Transcript-April-2015Transcript-April-2015.pdf1230 KB 4/30/2015Transcript-April-2015
• Statewide News
  • IT optimization plan requires changes to email system
  • Trucks built to last: For more than 40 years, the inmates at CCI have built dump trucks for ODOT
• Local News
  • District 3 receives Chamber award
  • Progress on the new U.S. Route 23 trench
  • Fluctuating temperatures mean clearing more than snow from roadway
• Ask the Director: Shouldn't ‘Long term’ be removed from the vision statement due to political.”
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. Transportation bill signed into law
  2. Work Zone Awareness Week
  3. Construction season begins
  4. Roadway collapses in Pleasantville
  5. New device makes pothole patc hing possible
• A Day in the Life: ‘Who you gonna call?’ Signal electricians!
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Between a rock & a hard place Quick work reopens U.S. Route 52 in Lawrence Co. after a landslide
• ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: Finding harmony in math and music: District 1 Assistant Auditor Debb Herr passion for the cello
• A look back at the landscape: The Craft of Land Surveyors
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2015Transcript-March-2015Transcript-March-2015.pdf1305 KB 3/31/2015ODOT Transcript Newsletter - March 2015
• Statewide News
  • Locating a work zone? There’s an app for that
  • Field employees benefit from system upgrade (TIMS)
  • ODOT wins national award for transportation planning in rural areas
• Ask the Director: DAS training series for supervisors
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. TRAC approves list of Jobs and Transportation Plan projects
  2. February storms drive up snow and ice costs
  3. HT Wins Roadeo, Receives New Truck
  4. National Safe Routes to School conference to be held in Ohio
  5. Flexible Pavement Award Winners
• A Day in the Life: Highway technician Phil Lance helps spread safety message
• Local News
  • Veteran’s Job Fair a benefit for everyone (D-7)
  • District 4 assists Portage County engineer with brine program
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Purchasing made easy with Ruth Ann Neely and Alana Haberman
• ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: A need for speed; ODOT Pilot Andrew Doll's hobby is rebuilding and racing a vintage racecar
ODOT Transcript Newsletter - February 2015Transcript-Feb-2015Transcript-Feb-2015.pdf1655 KB 2/28/2015Transcript February 2015
• Statewide News
  •  Uniform program set to begin
  •  Half-century-old buildings make way for larger, more efficient ones
  •  Better safe than sorry: Highway Safety improvements
• Local News
  • First section of Opportunity Corridor to start in Cleveland 
  • On the night shift: Snow and Ice Season in D-7's Montgomery Co. Garage
• Ask the Director: Concerns with hiring consultants and contracting out work instead of in-house
• The ODOT News Fast Five
  1. Lean Event Looks At Sign Production
  2. Contract Negotiations to Start
  3. Safety Program Kicks Off
  4. District 7 Plans Work Months Ahead
  5. ODOT Receives Regular Air Time In Toledo
• A Day in the Life: National Engineers Week
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Better research, better results. new process is helping to simplify culvert replacement, saving time and money.
• ODOT Plows are Amazing … a photo roundup of statewide painted plows
Transcript Newsletter - January 2015Transcript-Jan-2015Transcript-Jan-2015.pdf1272 KB 1/20/2015Transcript Newsletter - January 2015

• Statewide News:
• Perfect truck team meets goals; new trucks hit the roads
  • Backing accidents
Local News:
  • Epoke comes to Belmont County
  • New tools in site (D-1 Garage)
  • District 4 double wing plow truck
  • Nelsonville Bypass project earns environmental honor
• Ask the Director: “ODOT needs to have more diversity among its employees..."
• The ODOT News Fast Five
 1. Annual Survey Expected In Spring
 2. Upward Feedback Team Meets
 3. ePerformance Evaluations Due In January
 4. I-71 Widening Complete In Time for Holidays
 5. District 1 Opens New Maintenance Campus
• A Day in the Life: He weathers the storms; District 8’s weather guru, Chuck Hecht
ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Pair take pride in craft. Ashland County Highway Technicians Mike Reisinger and Aaron Martin are the "concrete crew"
People are Amazing … at giving! Roundup of statewide charitable activities

collapse Year : 2014 ‎(12)
Transcript Newsletter December-2014Transcript-December-2014Transcript-December-2014.pdf1243 KB 12/19/2014Transcript-December-2014
• Statewide News: Training for the future: ODOT’s fifth County Manager Training Program
• Local News:
    • ’Tis the season to drive safe and sober
    •  Winter readiness in District 7
• Ask the Director: Are the time, effort, and energy spent on much of the standardized communication worth it?
• ODOT News Fast Five
 1. Snow Brings Need for Transparent Boundaries
 2. Team Improves Accident/Incident Reporting Process
 3. Group Evaluates Project Estimating
 4. Guardrail Product Purchasing Suspended
 5. Another New ODOT Facility Opens
• A Day in the Life: A real lifesaver... District 9’s safety and health inspector Ed Cox
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Effective by design, D-1 campus development project
• ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: Making a list, checking it twice; District 4 Radio Technician Russ Anderson is Santa Claus!
Transcript Newsletter - November 2014Transcript-Nov-2014Transcript-Nov-2014.pdf1336 KB 11/30/2014Transcript Newsletter - November 2014

• Honoring ODOT's Veterans
  • Veterans, then and now
  • Jeremy McIntire: U.S. Army veteran, ODOT D-4 engineer
  • Every work day a great one for this veteran: District 7 Permit Tech Russ Bertke
  • From country girl to airborne soldier: District 5 safety consultant Rebecca Starlin
  • An open for veterans: “Veterans Preference” hiring policy
Statewide News: 
  • AASHTO head addresses summit 
  • To grandmother’s house we go: Three lanes on I-71 between Columbus and Cleveland
  • Digital signage system gets an upgrade
• Ask the Director: Increasing the pay of superior employees
The ODOT News Fast Five:
1. New Fuel System Rolls Out
  2. Providing Salt to Communities
  3. Highways Made Safer
  4. Graduation Day for ODOT’s County Managers
  5. Migration Put on Hold
• Local News:
   • D-4: Ohio Turnpike Bonds means more money, more projects
  • D-7: Creating safety and history with a new roundabout at SR 235 and SR 41
  • D-7: Shifting traffic… I-75 Modernization Project in Dayton reached a milestone
  • D-12: Piloting new DBE participant program
• A Day in the Life. D-1's Guardians of guardrail
• ODOT People are Amazing … at work: Highway research focuses on improvement
ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: District 11 Transportation Technician Crisi Warner

Transcript Newsletter - October 2014Transcript-Oct-2014Transcript-Oct-2014.pdf1091 KB 10/26/2014Transcript Newsletter - October 2014
  • State unphased by salt-supplier shortage
  • Employees evaluate managers through new program
  • Ask the Director: Mancon
  • ODOT News Fast Five:
    1. TMC Praised In Publication
    2. New Sm art Phone App Available
    3. Work Begins On New District 3 Facility
    4. Digital Signage System Gets An Upgrade
    5. Bridge Program Expands
  • Local News:
    • Beauty with a purpose: I-71 Sunflowers
    • District 7’s dialogue on work life
    • GVV Bridge honored by Engineering News Record magazine
  • A Day in the Life: Sink holes and rock falls and landslides, oh my! District 10 Geotechnical Engineer Andy Moreland
  • Statewide News:
    • ODOT’s front lines take center stage at Team Up
    • 2014 Director’s Cup Roadeo Participants and Winners
  • ODOT People are Amazing … at work: District 2 to the rescue! providing water during the ban caused by the Lake Erie algae bloom
  • ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: A real ‘Iron Man’:District 7 Construction Engineer
    Scott LeBlanc
Transcript Newsletter - September 2014Transcript-Sept-2014Transcript-Sept-2014.pdf1045 KB 9/25/2014Transcript Newsletter - September 2014
  • ODOT challenge to benefit minority businesses
  • ODOT updates Public Involvement Manual
  • South Point Intermodal Facility ribbon cutting
  • Local News: 
    • Latest ‘how-to’ video on the web
    • How a foggy morning led to one of transportation’s greatest safety innovations - Edge line invented by D10 employee
  • A Day in the Life | An office in the sky:  Aerial Photographer Eduardo Kroman
  • Ask the Director | Quality of Work-Life Comment: Construction Vehicles
  • The ODOT News Top Five
    1. ODOT wins top honors at MAAS TO Conference
    2. Technology Council opens for business!
    3. Districts upgrade ‘Move Over’ signs
    4. Annual Meetings continue
    5. District begins QWLS communication
  • U.S. Route 33 Nelsonville Bypass wins America’s Transportation Award
  • ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond | Sharing a legacy of stories: Karen Applegate of District 1
Transcript Newsletter - August 2014Transcript-Aug-2014Transcript-Aug-2014.pdf1217 KB 8/15/2014Transcript Newsletter - August 2014 Thumbnail
  • Statewide News
    • ODOT forms partnership with State Farm Insurance
    • Ohio residents help plan future Transit
    • State Fair display promotes highway safety
  • Local News
    •  District team-up fixes landslide (D-11 and D-10 combine efforts)
    • Pushing the limits (D-7 expands force account work)
    • Nelsonville Bypass wins recognition
  • A Day in the Life: Quality by design; D-8 Highway Technician Gayle Stanfield is all about quality assurance
  • Ask the Director | Quality of Work-Life Comment. Stats and numbers vs. PEOPLE
  • The ODOT News Fast Five
    1. Staffing CSF No Longer Tracked
    2. IT Hopes To Resolve Issues Through New Service
    3. Lean Event Examines Purch asing Process
    4. ODOT Booth Educates State Fairgoers
    5. Inaugural Group Completes Leadership Training
  • ODOT People are Amazing …… at work ODOT  Conservation site protects bats, speeds projects
Transcript Newsletter - July 2014Transcript-July-2014Transcript-July-2014.pdf1493 KB 7/31/2014Transcript Newsletter - July 2014 Thumbnail
  • Governor signs Brent Spence legislation
  • DoIT sees changes ahead
  • A Day in the Life: ‘On the go’ with District 6’s Transportation manager Chris Dicke
  • Dissection of a winter: American Public Works Association’sNorth American Snow Conference held in Cincinnati
  • Local News:
    • What’s buzzing at District 9? Ross Co. pilot program grows native prarie plants along the highway
    • D-3: Partnering with local agencies for continuous improvement
  • Ask the Director | Quality of Work-Life Comment: Nepotism
  • The ODOT News Fast Five
    1. EIMS Goes Live!
    2. Workers Begin Ordering New Boots
    3. Freeway Patrol Gets Sponsored
    4. Team Up ODOT Announced
    5. Tolling Bill Signed Into Law
  • ODOT People are Amazing …at work: Technology Council
  • ODOT Kids Are Amazing! Photos from CO 2014 Bring Your Child to Work Day
Transcript Newsletter - June 2014Transcript-June-2014Transcript-June-2014.pdf880 KB 6/30/2014Transcript Newsletter - June 2014 Thumbnail
  • Making moves on ‘Move Over’ -
    new law protects ALL roadside workers
  • ODOT’s environmental efforts awarded
  • Ohio rises in rank among bicycle-friendly states
  • Boot program begins pilot
  • Local News: 
    • D-3: First ‘Crew Leader Academy’ kicks off
    • D-7: Litter clean up partnering using inmates
    • D-12: Dismantling a giant (demolishion of the old Innerbelt Bridge)
  • A Day in the Life:  Mussel-bound: An enviromental specialist Megan Michael helps deliver transportation projects and sustain ecosystems
  • Ask the Director:  Quality of Work-Life Comment
  • ODOT’s record-breaking construction season kicks off
  • ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: A mother to many: Central Office's Sallie Tablett
Transcript Newsletter - May 2014Transcript-May-2014Transcript-May-2014.pdf1605 KB 5/29/2014Transcript Newsletter - May 2014 Thumbnail
  • Statewide News:
    • Perfect Truck Team attends truck show
    • ODOT offers defensive driving course
    • ODOT pavement receives national pavement award
  • Local News: 
    • District 12 honored for pedestrian tunnel rehab work
    • Healing an old wound: Columbus Crossroads Project includes Art Wall
  • To prevent drug use, just ‘Start Talking!’
  • Ask the Director: Sharing ODOT salt with local and county agencies
  • A Day in the Life: Dedication, determination, all part of transportation manager Nequinne Chielo's day
  • ODOT People are Amazing … at work: One team, one ODOT: Cooperative five-county crew team up to conquer potholes
  • ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: A risk worth taking, Lebanese émigré Imad Bdeiri finds a home as a D-2 Transportation Engineer
April 2014 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-April-2014Transcript-April-2014.pdf2093 KB 4/30/2014April 2014 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • 2013 Quality of Worklife Survey Issue – The Results
  • Local News: 
    • D-11 - One Goal—two counties—Outstanding!
    • D-2 - Paperless Accounting – Doing the job more effectively
  • Critical Success Factor Update: April 2014
    • CSF SPOTLIGHT: PEOPLE Work Life Index
    • Quarterly ODOT CSF Dashboard for April 2014
  • Ask the Director: Fleet reduction and having the right equipment
  • Watch and Learn: Inaugural Competent Person Training Program session
  • Office of Lean is more than Quality of Work Life Surveys
  • ODOT People are Amazing … at work: It all comes together: D-2 coordinates winter paving efforts on I-75 with participation of three districts
  • ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: What matters most: D-7's Steve Kinstle and Javier Gallegos help teenagers escape a house fire; and D-4's Larry Poage and Ed Kane rescue motorist from flood waters.
March 2014 Transript NewsletterTranscript-March-2014Transcript-March-2014.pdf901 KB 3/31/2014March 2014 Transript Newsletter
  • Coming this summer: new Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS)
  • ODOT to get new radio system
  • ODOT successful in reducing vehicles
  • New parts company faces its first winter
  • Local News: 
    • Summit County mechanics create new brine sprayer
    • Old man winter wears out welcome
  • Ask the Director:  Part 2 of update on the Highway Technician (HT) series
  • A Day in the Life: You’re not in Montana anymore... Robert Eick, D-9 Pike County Auto Technician
  • ODOT People are Amazing … at work: ODOT raises bar for safety
  • ODOT People are Amazing … above and beyond: Dedicated service not unnoticed. District 1 plow driver Todd Noirot saves an overturned snowmobiler
February 2014 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Feb-2014Transcript-Feb-2014.pdf1023 KB 2/20/2014February 2014 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • Credit Union Bridge earns national recognition
  • ‘Move Over’ law in effect
  • ‘Upward Feedback’ becoming a reality
  • Beets used against ice and snow
  • Recognition for innerbelt project
  • Program to promote quick clearance starts: Towing and Recovery Incentive Program (TRIP)
  • Driver’s best friend? First ever diverging diamond interchange built within Ohio
  • Ask the Director: update on the Highway Technician (HT) Series
  • A Day in the Life: Anna Kuzmich, Shale coordinator a first in Ohio
  • ODOT People are Amazing
    … at work: 
    ODOT wins national award for master plan
    …at play: Highway technician Jim Miller plows through an American sport
January 2014 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Jan-2014Transcript-Jan-2014.pdf2128 KB 1/20/2014January 2014 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • ODOT’s efficiencies to benefit local bridge programs
  • Perfect Truck – an update
  • The recycled road not taken
  • Local News:
    • District 5 gets new Deputy Director - Dave Ray
    • Lieutenant Gov. Taylor, ODOT celebrate new George V. Voinovich Bridge
    • Big help from little hands: “Paint the Plow” Initiative
  • Critical Success Factors Update
    •  Spotlight on the PEOPLE: Progress Toward Optimal Structure metric
    • Quarterly ODOT CSF Dashboard for January 2014
  • Ask the Director: Raises?
  • A Day in the Life:  You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows  - ODOT D-2 PIO Theresa Pollick
  • ODOT People are Amazing …… at work
    • Turnpike projects loom large
    • Always ‘win,’ never lose: Central Office Division of Finance's John Nguyen
collapse Year : 2013 ‎(11)
December 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Dec-2013Transcript-Dec-2013.pdf1109 KB 12/23/2013December 2013 Transcript Newsletter Thumn
Accomplishments Issue 2013  Brief summaries of this year’s major highlights.
      • Overall Satisfaction
      • Internal Communications Plan
      • Performance Measures
      • Force Account Law
      • Enterprise Architecture
      • Brainstorming Solutions
      • Ramp Clear Program In Full Swing
      • Master Planning  Initiative
      • Fleet Planning Initiative
      • Facilities Construction Bond Initiative
      • 5116 Initiative
   District 1
     • Interstate 75 Progresses
      • New Forest Outpost
      • GPS Photolink Project
   District 2
      • Lucas County Garage
      • Widening of Interstate 75
      • All Aboard the Paving Train
  District 3
     • Major Projects Completed
     • Goals Achieved
     • A Busy Season
  District 4
     • Culvert Inventory
     • District Safety Improvements
     • Construction Outreach
  District 5
     • Flexible Pavements Awards
     • Paving Crews Rock
     • Pavement Conditions Goals Achieved
  District 6
     • I-71/670 Columbus Crossroads Project
     • Highway Maintenance Apprentice Program
     • Roadway Infrastructure Writing the Book On Maintenance
  District 7
     • The Gold Standard
     • Partnership Recognized
     • Two Amazing Jobs
  District 8
     • First Span of Ohio’s Tallest Bridge Opens
     • Interstate 275/State Route 32 Groundbreaking
  District 9
     • U.S. 68 Turn-Lane
     • Portsmouth Bypass
     • District Headquarters, Garage, get a facelift
  District 10
     • Opening of the U.S. 33 Nelsonville Bypass
     • Double, Double
     • Art and Snow
  District 11
     • Safety at Work
     • Largest Capital Program
     • Maintenance Work
  District 12
     • First Innerbelt Bridge Complete
     • New Full Service Maintenance Facility
     • Equipment Purchasing

ODOT people are amazing . . . at giving
November 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Nov-2013Transcript-Nov-2013.pdf1262 KB 11/15/2013November 2013 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • Building a better bridge: Credit Union rebrands
  • Grading the District Deputy Directors
  • Clearing the Road: Ramp Clear program offers quick fixes for problem interchanges
  • Dry runs dry out: random inspections replace staged events
  • Truck Improvement Team: The saga continues
  • Local News:
    • D-4 gets new camera trucks for culvert inspections
    • Wait is over: D-10 realigns and upgrades a Morgan Co. road to a state highway
  • Ask the Director: Use of Overtime
  • A Day in the Life: Webcasters Bill Milbaugh and Bill Zigarevich
  • ODOT People are Amazing…
    • …at work: Boston Road project true example of teamwork
    • …at play: Almost famous: District 9 engineer Dianne Kahal-Berman has talent to spare
October 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Oct-2013Transcript-Oct-2013.pdf883 KB 10/18/2013c
  • Best of ODOT on display at Team Up
    • 2013 TOP Awards
    • 2013 Director’s Cup Roadeo Winners
  • OHGO.com to upgrade services
  • Still searching for the perfect truck
  • New salt purchasing approach saving millions
  • Ask the Director: addressing in-house politics of hiring and promoting people
  • Decades in the making: Nelsonville Bypass Opens
  • A Day in the Life: Looking out for nature D4's Ed Deley
  • ODOT People are Amazing … 
    • … at work  School Essay: What I did this summer – ODOT receives multiple awards
    •  … at play: Embracing a proud culture. Hamilton County Highway Technician Tom Lane is passionate about his American Indian heritage
September 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Sept-2013Transcript-Sept-2013.pdf1125 KB 9/10/2013Sept 2013 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • TRAC approves record highway construction program
  • Statewide News:
    • ODOT administrator named Whitehall basketball head coach
    • The search for the perfect truck
    • Two counties set asphalt paving record
  • Local News:
    • Environmental stewardship welcomed in D-3
    • Fore! The Joe Fenton Memorial Golf League in D-2
    • Made in the Shade: Public and private entities work together to cool future fairgoers in D-6
  • Ask the Director:  Promoting a “long-term” organization in a political environment
  • A Day in the Life: District 5 Bridge Specialist Matt Beedy
  • ODOT People are Amazing … 
    •  … at work: County Managers Get Results
    • ... at play: A coach for life: Greg Williamson, D-1 Transportation Technician
August 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Aug-2013Transcript-Aug-2013.pdf1262 KB 8/15/2013August 2013 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • A Day in the Life: ODOT’s Alana Haberman cuts through ‘general confusion,’ whatever the situation
  • Statewide News: 
    • Outside firm helping to develop business structure
    • National association names ODOT employee manager of the year (Sonja Simpson)
    • Alive and kicking: Pavement that will outlive your dog! Ohio's a testing ground for new Hot Mix Asphalt Intelligent Compaction
  • Local News:
    • District 4: Culvert inventory project underway
      • Environmental permits vital to project
      •   Racing a huge accomplishment
    • District 9:  Jeff Ragland’s good F-O-R-T-U-N-E
    • District 2:  Bridge project presents unique environmental challenge
  • Ask the Director: Impressions of Annual Meetings
  • ODOT People are Amazing … 
    •  … at work: Filling up made easier: new fuel management system
    • … at play: Down on the farm: D-3 TM Howard Goodyear
July 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-July-2013Transcript-July-2013.pdf840 KB 7/19/2013July 2013 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • Major changes in work beginning - New Force Account Limits
  • ODOT’s Ohio State Fair booth drives home importance of ‘Quick Clear’
  • ODOT awards Safe Routes to School projects
  • Local News
    • An overhaul overdue: new Wayne County Full Service Maintenance Facility
    • Sprucing up downtown Cleveland
    • P3 procurement options analyzed, addressed and under way for Portsmouth Bypass
    • Take me out to the ballgame: District 7 permit tech and Air Force National Guard Russ Bertke honored at Reds game
    • New outpost coming to Mahoning County
  • CSF Scoreboard: Definitions
  • Ask The Director: Reaction to the ODOT Quality of Work Life Survey Results
  • A Day in the Life, Success is a journey that never ends: Athens County Transportation Administrator Shawn Flannery
  • ODOT People are Amazing 
    • … at work: New customer-friendly highway access permit process introduced
    • ... at play: From asphalt roads to asphalt shingles: Dave Hoffman, ODOT District 11 EIT
June 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-June-2013Transcript-June-2013.pdf1571 KB 6/6/2013June 2013 Transcript Newsletter
  • ODOT 2012 Director’s Cup Roadeo Winner Accepts National Snow and Ice Award
  • County work planning to change
  • The TRAC Back on Track
  • Survey Results Revealed
  • Local News:
    • WINNING at safety- without tiger’s blood!;
    • Out on the front lines of maintenance
    • Putnam County workers find girl, return her home
    • District 4 TM in right place, right time
  • CSF Scoreboard
  • Ask the Director: ORDC trash pick up
  • A Day in the Life: Everybody knows Bette (Mendenhall)
  • ODOT People are Amazing … at Work: Transportation maintenance facilties to be upgraded
  • Running towards her dream: D-8’s Amber Krieger
April/May 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-AprilMay-2013Transcript-AprilMay-2013.pdf1056 KB 5/13/2013April/May 2013 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
  • Lee Rizor Memoriam
  • The Math on Construction Season: Construction + Planning = Growth
  • Volunteers tackle litter in northeast Ohio
  • Getting Work Done: the Equipment, Inventory, and Materials System (EIMS)
  • Are you ready? Retirement resources
  • And the winner is: ODOT selected for national snow and ice control award
  • A look at the books: the new transportation budget
  • Stepping up to the plate: Andrew Williams
March 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-MAR-2013Transcript-MAR-2013.pdf1480 KB 3/29/2013March 2013 Transcript Newsletter Cover
  • A wonderful message to the British Foreign Office from the Duke of Wellington in 1812
  • Them’s fighting words, mister! GODOT vs.Whiteout: The War on Winter!
  • 360 Degrees of safety: Double roundabout on U.S. 33 and SR 664 in Hocking County
  • ODOT Works: Rolanda Page, D-12 Service with style and a smile
  • Go get ‘em, Gator Getter! New debris removal attachment
  • A ‘clear’ improvement to ramp safetyPilot 'RampClear' program offers inexpensive and accelated fixes for interchanges
  • Highway tech diverts, helps apprehend, wrong-way driver
  • Mile Markers & Milestones: News from around the state
  • It’s official: Ohgo is a winner of a website!
February 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Feb-2013Transcript-Feb-2013.pdf1371 KB 2/28/2013February 2013 Transcript Newsletter Cover
• Change without force - Compromise and adjustment of force account limits benefits all involved
• Seeing tomorrow today - Access Ohio considers current and future wants and needs to create a long-term plan for transportation through 2040
• Caution: Work in progress - Continuing process tackles reviewing and refining maintenance activities and practices
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Andrea Woods, D-9 Highway Technician
• Ohio’s traffic incident superheroes -  QuickClear program spearheads interagency approach to modern traffic incident management
• Mile Markers & Milestones: News from around the State
January 2013 Transcript NewsletterTranscript - January 2013Transcript - January 2013.pdf1124 KB 1/16/2013Jan. 2013 Transcript
• Putting the parts together (parts operation innovation)
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Marie Cerda, Designer
• A letter from Jerry Wray and Gary Apanasewicz - regarding ODOT’s Quality of Work Life Survey
• On track to pros perity | Op-Ed from Director Wray
• Is Kronos worth the trouble? (review of the new time system)
• From the Web: Some appreciation from our customers
collapse Year : 2012 ‎(7)
July 2012 Transcript Newsletter Transcript-July-2012Transcript-July-2012.pdf1203 KB 7/31/2012July 2012 Transcript Newsletter Cover
• Starting from scratch: Zero-Based Budgeting
• Rural intercity bus route a transportation triumph
• Safe Routes to School contest winners
• A transportation bill — signed, sealed, delivered
• In Memoriam: Jim Seney
• Meet the DDD: Steve Williams, District 10
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Curtis George, Highway Technician
• Online clothing store offers new selections
• Restoring the calm after the storm
• Not your every day heroes: Darin Burkhart and Kurt Hooper of District 10
• Health and Wellness Corner: Food safety in summer heat
• The company she keeps: Deputy Director of Operations Sonja Simpson has been named to Columbus Business First’s Forty Under 40.
• Call in the Reserves: Jan Ardner of the Hancock County garage
June 2012 Transcript Newsletter Transcript-June-2012Transcript-June-2012.pdf1367 KB 6/30/2012June 2012 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
• Ladies and gentlemen: Kronos has entered the building!
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Adam Gyde, Auto Mechanic
• Maintaining Excellence
• No rest for Rest Areas
• Meet the DDD: Vaughn E. Wilson, District 9
• Innovation + Efficiency = more $$$ for TRAC Projects
• Agreement preserves roadways in modern energy rush
• An old strategy for new results
• Breaking News: Massive shockwave to cause extinction of workplace injuries and fatalities
• Health and Wellness Corner: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
• A cool event for a hot day: Ironton Russell Bridge Groundbreaking
May 2012 Transcript Newsletter Transcript-May-2012Transcript-May-2012.pdf1267 KB 5/28/2012Transcript Newsletter -  May 2012
• The signs, they are a-changing- removing “Prepare to Stop When Flashing” (PTSWF) lights
• ODOT, volunteers collect litter
• Cyclist, author finds his path
• Operation feed knocks out hunger
• Work zone fatalities nearly double in 2011
• Picking up the pieces - ODOT assists with cleanup in tornado-ravaged village
• Employee actions above and beyond call of duty
• In memoriam | Rigel Lee
• Meet the DDD: Steve Mary, District 8
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Ed Yetzer, Project Engineer
• Ready . . . Set . . . Kronos!
April 2012 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-April-2012Transcript-April-2012.pdf1148 KB 4/16/2012April 2012 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
• Bridge projects top ODOT’s summer to-do list
• A week to remember: National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week April 23–27.
• New timekeeping system coming soon
• Critical Success Factors update: Getting down to business
• Project traveled long road: Nelsonville Bypass
• Meet the DDD: Randy Chevalley, District 7
• Legislative Update
• You ain’t seen nothing yet!: Innerbelt construction ramps-up with structural steel addition
• Talent runs in ODOT family: Artistic Ashley Hull, daughter of ODOTer Bruce Hull, wins international art competition
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Ty Thompson, Planning Engineer
• Heath & Wellnes Corner: De-stress for success
• Eastern business concept lands here: "Kaizen" continuous improvement practice at ODOT
March 2012 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-March-2012Transcript-March-2012.pdf1391 KB 3/23/2012March 2012 Transcript Newsletter Cover
• Friends in deed... stories of ODOT employees aiding citizens in need this snow and ice season
• In tough times, count on leadership
• A reality star is born! Richland County Highway Technician 3 Greg Smith on Pawn Stars
• Meet the DDD: Ferzan Ahmed, District 6
• Bicycle safety campaign wins local award
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Stephanie Lentz, Bridge Specialist
• Safety on the job is more than luck: new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements
• Health & Wellness Corner: A happier you is a healthier you
• Mother Nature helps clear winter roads
• An honest and frank discussion with Dr. Tom DeCoster
• ORDC gains commissioners’ approval on much-anticipated long-term lease
February 2012 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-February-2012Transcript-February-2012.pdf1177 KB 2/27/2012February 2012 Transcript Newsletter Cover
• Governor Kasich praises ODOT process team
• TRAC: Balancing needs vs. wants
• ‘Microtunneling’ Can you dig it?
• Eyeing P3s for the Portsmouth bypass
• ODOT welcomes new division, deputy director
• MEET THE DDD: Joe Rutherford, District 5
• A common sense consensus: three districts partnership with • Wilmot for road salt
• Mild winter could bring salt savings
• Volunteers needed for litter kickoff events
• Health & Wellness Corner:  Heart disease and you
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Dawn Jefferies: Radio Dispatch Operator
January 2012 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-January-2012Transcript-January-2012.pdf2050 KB 1/19/2012January 2012 Transcript Newsletter
• New strategic plan ready for the new year
• Wear it out! ODOT-branded apparel
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Bobbi Rexroad
• ODOT releases Social Media campaign ‘How Do You Drive Safe?’
• Modernized timekeeping to make time fly
• Coming Soon: Best practices videos
• Health & Wellness Corner:Keep your New Year’s resolutions in 2012
• Accomplishments 2011: ODOT in 2011 - In Travel, in transit, in transition
• Meet the DDD: Tony Urankar, District 4
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December 2011 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-December-2011Transcript-December-2011.pdf3184 KB 12/22/2011December 2011 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
• Holiday Road
• Ohio Turnpike development update
• Employee feedback invaluable to district office
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Transportation Engineer Mike Simpkins
• Dispatches from the annual meetings
• Access leads to success
• Allen C. Biehl, District 3 deputy director
• Health & Wellness Corner: December no time to get the blues
• Americans at last
November 2011 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-November-2011Transcript-November-2011.pdf1434 KB 11/18/2011Transcript November 2011 Cover Thumbnail
• Critical Success Factor: People - You are a measure for success
• Observing the science of safe driving
• Health & Wellness Corner: We can stop diabetes dead in its tracks
• Winter takes toll on snowplow drivers, mechanics: New technology improves safety and efficiency, reduces waste
• ‘Iron Triangle’ Rail-fan Park coming to Ohio
• Meet the DDD: Todd Audet, District 2
• Columbus Crossroads project putting Ohioans to work
• Critical Success Factor: People - Returning home safely
• What’s in a name? HT Series
October 2011 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-October-2011Transcript-October-2011.pdf1326 KB 10/13/2011October 2011 Transcript Newsletter
• 'Safe Routes to School’ campaign kicks off with video, contest
• Health & Wellness Corner: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Early detection is the best protection
• Aircraft owners to fly through registration
• Salt: How sweet it is
• Sharing a sense of hope: First POW/MIA flag at Rest Area
• Meet the DDD: Kirk Slusher, District 1
• Spotlight on ODOT Works: Communications critical in road-building
• Effective partnering about mutual respect, common goals
• New division head’s experience to benefit districts statewide: David Coyle
• Quality team pools resources, produces savings
• Attitude is everything
• Chatting with Director Wray
September 2011 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Sept-2011Transcript-Sept-2011.pdf1226 KB 9/13/2011September 2011 Transcript Newsletter
• Spotlight on ODOT Works
• Believing in people: A conversation
• A Winning Team: ODOT, Nationwide Insurance launch ‘Distracted Driver Simulator’ tour at Ohio State Fair
• Turnpike update: Advisors sought for Turnpike options
• Carrying a heavy load
• New office, Deputy Director enters the fold
• Health & Wellness Corner: September is Ovarian, Prostate
• Cancer Awareness and Fruits & Veggies—More Matters™ Month
• ODOT hosts regional conference in Cincinnati
• Be ready for Columbus Crossroads
Summer 2011 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Summer-2011Transcript-Summer-2011.pdf1484 KB 8/12/2011Summer 2011 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
• ‘Bridge to somewhere’ - Cleveland Innerbelt project breaks ground
• Ohio roads get much-needed maintenance this year
• Wet spring no barrier to litter pickers
• Now underway: the ‘ODOT Works’ project
• Health & Wellness Corner: Don’t let the heat beat you
• Safety is its own reward
• Cables weave a protective net on highways
• Rail engines redesigned and redefined for our times
• List of projects on TRAC
• Budget gives ODOT authority to lease Ohio Turnpike
• Half of all motorists killed were unbuckled
• Setting up Fair display challenging, rewarding
April/May 2011 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-AprilMay-2011Transcript-AprilMay-2011.pdf1590 KB 5/1/2011April/May 2011 Transcript Newsletter
•‘I can see clearly now…’ the snow is gone
•A new time, a new hope, a new budget
•Getting to know you . . . ODOT Director Jerry Wray; James A. Barna; Michael C. Flynn; Mike Cope; & Greg Murphy
•A common collision—an uncommon response
•In Memoriam: Julie Donovan
•Motorist rescue anything but routine
•Workplace community helps one of its own
•Highway’s guardian angel
•Health & Wellness Corner: Make Workplace Eye Safety Your Priority
•Notes from the Transportation Nation: Conaway Conferences concluded; & HCAT Conference coming in May
•County manager . . . or cowboy?
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Fall/Winter 2010 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-FallWinter-2010Transcript-FallWinter-2010.pdf4293 KB 12/31/2010Fall/Winter 2010 Transcript Newsletter
July/August 2010 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-July-Aug-2010-WEBTranscript-July-Aug-2010-WEB.pdf3004 KB 8/31/2010July/August 2010 Transcript Newsletter Thumbnail
Spring 2010 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Spring-10Transcript-Spring-10.pdf7914 KB 7/6/2010Spring 2010 Transcript Newsletter Cover
January/February 2010 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Jan-Feb-10Transcript-Jan-Feb-10.pdf2670 KB 2/28/2010January/February 2010 Transcript Newsletter cover
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November/December 2009 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Nov-Dec-09Transcript-Nov-Dec-09.pdf3859 KB 12/31/2009November/December 2009 Transcript Newsletter Cover
September/October 2009 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Sept-Oct-09Transcript-Sept-Oct-09.pdf1915 KB 10/31/2009September/October 2009 Transcript Newsletter Cover
July/August 2009 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-JulyAug-09Transcript-JulyAug-09.pdf2879 KB 8/31/2009July/August 2009 Transcript Newsletter Cover
May/June 2009 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-May-June-09Transcript-May-June-09.pdf3224 KB 6/26/2009
March/April 2009 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Mar-Apr-09Transcript-Mar-Apr-09.pdf1622 KB 5/6/2009Cover
January/February 2009 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Jan-Feb-09Transcript-Jan-Feb-09.pdf1796 KB 2/25/2009Cover
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November/December 2008 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Nov-Dec-08Transcript-Nov-Dec-08.pdf2633 KB 12/20/2008
September/October 2008 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Sept-Oct-08Transcript-Sept-Oct-08.pdf2377 KB 10/1/2008
July/August 2008 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-July-Aug08Transcript-July-Aug08.pdf2067 KB 8/26/2008
May/June 2008 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-May08Transcript-May08.pdf1179 KB 6/1/2008
April 2008 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-April08Transcript-April08.pdf1010 KB 4/30/2008
Winter 2008 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Winter08Transcript-Winter08.pdf2321 KB 3/15/2008
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Accomplishments 2007 Issue - letter sizeTranscript-Accomplishments-2007Transcript-Accomplishments-2007.pdf2837 KB 1/17/2008
Accomplishments 2007 Issue - reader spreadTranscript-Accomplishments-2007-1Transcript-Accomplishments-2007-1.pdf2899 KB 1/17/2008
November 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscriptNov2007TranscriptNov2007.pdf2211 KB 12/6/2007
October 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Oct07Transcript-Oct07.pdf2223 KB 10/26/2007
September 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Sept07Transcript-Sept07.pdf1437 KB 9/24/2007
Summer 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Summer2007Transcript-Summer2007.pdf1435 KB 8/2/2007
May 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-May2007Transcript-May2007.pdf3978 KB 6/11/2007
April 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-April2007Transcript-April2007.pdf2996 KB 4/30/2007
Winter 2007 Transcript NewsletterTranscript-Winter2007Transcript-Winter2007.pdf2483 KB 2/28/2007
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