Division of Construction Management

Office of Construction Administration

December 15, 2005



Allowable Rates for Owned Equipment Listed Below that is Not in Blue Book

In accordance with

Change Order Standard Procedure 510-010(SP)

Appendix A Part II. A. 3. f. (1)


The following rates are for Contractor owned equipment used on force account or for cost analysis to establish an agreed unit price or lump sum for extra work. These costs include the labor and equipment to deliver these items to the project. The labor and equipment required to erect, maintain, move and remove these items are not included in these rates. The Contractor is not entitled to a mark up on these rates. The prime is entitled to the subcontractor mark up allowed in 2002 and 2005 CMS 109.05.C.6., if the traffic control is performed by a subcontractor.


Drum (without light) $ .50/ day


Cone 28" $ .45/ day


Grabber Cone 42 $ .45/ day


Sign 48" $2.75/ day

(includes cost of drive post support)


Sign 36" $1.65/ day

(includes cost of drive post support)


Tripod support: sign 1' above pavement $ .55/ day


Four leg support: sign 5'or 7' above pavement $2.20/ day


Concrete Barrier 32" $1.10/ foot/ month


Concrete Barrier 50" $1.65/ foot/ month





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