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Robert Jessberger P.E. Design Build Specialist 

(614) 752-5273


In state fiscal year 2000, the Ohio Department of Transportation made a commitment to the design-build process by adopting a Strategic Initiative to "ensure reliable project delivery processes and implement innovative contracting techniques." As part of this initiative, ODOT tested several design-build pilot projects.

Satisfied with the success of the pilot projects, the department is increasing its use of design-build contracts. In ODOT's 2001 Strategic Initiatives, the design-build method was officially adopted as a project delivery method.

Design-build, typically faster than the traditional design-bid-build process, combines the design and construction of a project into one contract. The designing firm and construction contractor become a team, working concurrently on the design and construction phases of a project, expediting delivery.

The time savings in design-build projects is realized by eliminating the lead time necessary to contract a designer, and then accept bids from contractors to build the design. Projects move from design to construction much faster through the use of the single design-build contract.

Additionally, because the designer and contractor work in tandem, the contractor's changes can be incorporated into the design phase, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming changes during construction. This benefit also allows the department to estimate project cost early in the project development process, allowing for more effective budget planning.


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