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Gary Angles, P.E. Partnering Coordinator

(614) 466-4789




Partnering is the process of creating a cooperative and mutually beneficial team out of potential adversaries on a construction project.  Partnering is voluntary and does not replace contractual agreements.  Rather, it enables these agreements to be executed successfully because the trust, respect, open communications and appropriate systems are in place and agreed to by all.

Why is it important?
Time is money in a construction project.  Effective partnering reduces delays, avoids misunderstandings and creates positive relationships that encourage people to achieve common goals. By solving problems ahead of time, it removes system bottlenecks that can derail a project. And it removes the inclination to sue. People rarely sue people they like and respect.

How does it work?
Partnering begins before construction starts.  The first session is a workshop to set common goals, agree to standards, communications strategies, dispute resolution practices and problem-solving mechanisms.  During this session, team members learn how to be an effective team and sign a partnering agreement that reflects how they will work together. Throughout the life of the contract, there are partnering meetings at regular intervals to ensure that the agreement continues to guide behavior.  Other forms of communication and forums for problem solving, designed at the initial session, are implemented during the contract period. Wrap-up and celebration occurs when the job is completed on time and within (or under) budget.

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