May 1, 2004


Measurement Criteria

            1.  CFR 635

            2.  Construction & Material Specification Sections 108.02B

            4.  Proposal Note 107 CPM Progress Schedule (01-06-2004) 


Monitoring Method

1.  Interview with Project Engineer with attached QAR on Critical Path Method (CPM) Progress Schedule.

2.  Visit at least one Project(s) selected for size, Federal participation, and 50 to 95% complete and review in accordance with attached QAR on Critical Path Method (CPM) Progress Schedule.


Monitoring Frequency

            1.  All Districts will be reviewed every year


Results Reported

1.  Written report to the District

2.  Written QAR summary report published annually


Result Shared

            Written report to:

            1.  Deputy Director Division of Construction Management

            2.  Administrator, Office of Construction Administration

            3.  State Construction Engineer

            4.  FHWA

            5.  District Construction Engineer

            6.  Office of Quality   


Compliance Tracking

1.  QAR file in the Office of Construction Administration


Compliance Follow-up

            1.  Yearly review of District performance until improved to desired level          

            2.  Review and revision of plan if warranted    






Deputy Director Signature _______________________________________Date ____________


Proposal Note 107 Critical Path Method Progress Schedule



District:__________                             Contractor:__________________________               Date:_____________


Project:__________                            Project Engineer:_____________________                C/R/S:____________



       Contractor has a designated Schedule Representative.  Name:______________________


Baseline Requirements:

       Contractor submitted an interim project schedule within 30 days after the execution of the Contract or prior to start of work, whichever came first. 

       Contractor submitted a detailed CPM schedule within 60 days of the execution of the Contract or prior to start of work.

       Engineer accepted the detailed CPM schedule in compliance with contract requirements.


Schedule Requirements:

       Schedule included the following Administrative Identifier Information:

1.   Project Number

2.   County

3.   Route Number

4.   Contractor’s Name

5.   Contractor’s Dated Signature

6.   ODOT’s Dated Acceptance Signature

       Schedule included activity requirements

1.         Activity ID

2.         Activity Description

3.         Activity Original Duration

Durations greater than 20 days approved by Engineer

4.         Activity Relationships are finish-to-start or start-to-start

Start-to-start relationships with lags no greater than the predecessor duration

All activities, except the first activity, shall have a predecessor(s).  All activities, except the final activity, shall have a successor(s).

            5.         Constraints used sparingly in the schedule.  If constraints are used,

use only Early Constraint or Late Constraint

       Schedule Options - Schedule calculated using retained logic

       Schedule Options – Open ends shown as non-critical


Submission Requirements:

       Schedule submitted in electronic file format

       CPM schedule in bar chart format

       Six week look ahead schedule

       Scheduling Statistics Report


Update Requirements:

       Monthly update submitted in monthly updated bar chart

       Monthly update submitted in electronic file format




Basis of Payment

       Contractor paid for scheduling under Item Spec CPM Progress Schedule Lump Sum Payment


Special Issues:







Office of Construction Administration