Quality Assurance Review

Plan For

Construction Documentation on Local-let LPA Projects

May 1, 2004



Measurement Criteria

1.      Federal Aide Policy Guide – (23CFR 635.105), 23 USC sections 112 and 109(p)

2.      Ohio Revised Code Section – 5501.03 (c)

3.      Policy No. 25-001(P) issued 7/01/2003

4.      Locally Administered Transportation Manual of Procedures (2003)


Monitoring Method

1.      Interview with the District Construction Engineer and the District Construction Monitor for LPA projects.

2.      Review district files on at least 10% of the active local-let LPA project for Pre-award Meeting checklist, Pre-construction meeting checklist, Progress meeting checklist and Final Documentation review checklist.


Monitoring Frequency

1.      All Districts will be reviewed every year depending on the number of active projects.


Results Reported

1.      Written report to the Deputy Director of Construction Management, District (DDD, HMA, DCE and CM), Office of Local Projects and the FHWA (if applicable) within 2 weeks of the review.

2.      Written QAR summary report published annually with “Best Management Practices”.


Result Shared

            Written annual report to:

1.      Deputy Director Division of Construction Management

2.      Administrator Office of Construction Administration

3.      State Construction Engineer

4.      Assistant Director for Highway Operations

5.      Office of Quality

6.      FHWA (if required)

7.      District Deputy Directors

8.      District Highway Management Administrators and the District Construction Engineers                                                               

Compliance Tracking

            1.  QAR files in the Division of Construction Management.


Compliance Follow-up

1.      Review of district performance until improved to desired level and a required submission of a compliance action plan if deficiencies are significant.

2.      Review and revision of plan if warranted.



Deputy Director Signature _______________________________________Date ____________

Quality Assurance Review

Checklist for Construction Documentation on Local-let LPA Projects



District: _________                 Date of Review: _________    


District Construction Engineer: ________________________________________

District Construction Monitor:  ________________________________________


District office Review


1._____Has the DCE appointed a Construction Monitor with appropriate experience?

2._____Has the DCE or designee reviewed the qualifications and experience of LPA engineers and inspectors?



3._____Are pre-award meetings held and are they before the bidding period begins?

4._____Are the required minimum participants in attendance (i.e. ODOT: DCE or designee, CM, LPA Coordinator; LPA: CPE, DPE, PW Compliance Officer, EEO Officer)?

5._____Do the files indicate the names/qualifications of all significant project personnel?

6._____Does the LPA provide a documented Claims Management process?

7._____Does the LPA have a Materials Management process?

8._____Does the LPA provide a documented Change Order process?

9._____Does the LPA have a Documentation process?

10.____Are meeting minutes or checklist prepared and distributed?


Pre-Construction Conference:

11.____Are preconstruction conferences held?

12.____Are the required participants in attendance (i.e. CPE, contractor, ODOT: CM, DCE or designee, LPA Coordinator)?

13.____Are the appropriate items secured from the contractor (i.e. progress schedule, material sources list, subcontractors list, haul roads and detours list)?


Project Monitoring and Documentation:

14.____Are progress meetings held, and attended by the CM?

15.____Are the appropriate period project administration reviews held for Materials Management?

16.____Are the appropriate period project administration reviews held for project documentation?

17.____Does the CM monitor the LPA's claims process to ensure the LPA follows the approved Claims Resolution Process?

18.____If there were claims, did the DCE or designee grant approval to the resolution of complaints, disputes or claims that extend the project construction time frame and/or increase project costs?

19.____Did the CM and DCE or designee approve reimbursement requests?

20.____Are reimbursement requests processed within 14 days of receipt?

21.____Are claims reviewed as they develop and prior to any reimbursement?

22.____Are change orders reviewed with each reimbursement request and as approved?


Project Closeout:

23.____Are final inspections performed?

24.____Are the required participants in attendance (i.e. CPE, CM, contractor)?

25.____Is a C-85 prepared and on file?

26.____Is the Certification of Payroll Affidavit complete and on file?

27.____Is the LPA's written acceptance and final project certification on file?

28.____Is the Contractor/DBE affidavit (Affidavit of Subcontractor Payment) complete and on file?


** Notes and/or comments on any of the items listed above:













































Division of Construction Management

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