Quality Assurance Review

Plan For

Final Inspection of Construction and LPA Projects

May 1, 2004


Measurement Criteria

1.      Federal Aide Policy Guide – 635.105

2.      Ohio Revised Code Section 4733

3.      Policy No. 27-007(P) issued 2/5/2003

4.      Final Inspection of Construction and LPA Projects - Standard Procedure No. 510-007(SP) issued 2/5/2003

5.      Construction and Materials Specifications - Sections 109.11 and 109.12, January 1, 2002                                  

                                                                                      - Sections 109.071, 109.072 and 109.073, January 1, 1997


Monitoring Method

            1.   The QAR team will select from a list of projects supplied by the district.

2.      Interview with the District Final Inspector and/or his backup using the QAR checklist.

3.      Attend at least 1 final inspection of a regular ODOT administered project and at least 1 final inspection of a Local-Let project (if applicable) with the District Final Inspector and/or the CM noting “Best Practices”. (FYI only)  Conduct an interview with the PE/PS regarding the regular ODOT administered project and the CM regarding the Local-Let project.


Monitoring Frequency

1.      All Districts will be reviewed every year with at least 10% of the finalized projects from the previous year.


Results Reported

1.      Written report to the Deputy Director Division of Construction Management, District (DDD, HMA, DCE, Final Inspector) and the FHWA (if applicable) within 2 weeks of review.

2.      Written QAR summary report published annually with “Best Management Practices”.


Result Shared

            Written annual report to:

1.      Deputy Director Division of Construction Management

2.      Administrator Office of Construction Administration

3.      State Construction Engineer

4.      Assistant Director for Highway Operations

5.      Office of Quality

6.      FHWA (if required)

7.      District Deputy Directors

8.      District Highway Management Administrators and the District Construction Engineers                                                               

Compliance Tracking

            1.  QAR files in the Division of Construction Management.


Compliance Follow-up

1.      Review of district performance until improved to desired level.  There must also be a submission of a compliance action plan if the deficiencies are significant.

2.      Review and revision of plan if warranted.


Deputy Director Signature ________________________________________   Date ____________


Quality Assurance Review

Project Review

Checklist for Final Inspection



District: ______   Date of Review: _________ Project No. ________  Co/Rt/Sec _______________           

Type of Project: ___________________________________________________________________

Project Engineer/Supervisor:  ________________________________________________________

District “Final” Inspector/backup “Final” Inspector _______________________________________


Project Review


Sec. I - Responsibility

  1. _____Does the inspector and his backup qualify as stated in the Standard Procedure No. 510-007(SP),                                                         

                Item I-A?

      2.   _____Are their names on file at the Office of Construction Administration at the Central Office?

Sec. II - Near completion of work

      3.   _____Did the PE/PS create an engineers punch list in writing and was it given to the contractor?

      4.   _____Was this punch list completed by the contractor prior to the final inspection?

Sec. III - Notification

      5.   _____Was the final inspection done within 10 business days of the “physical work completed” date?

Sec. IV – Final Inspection

      6.   _____Were the following people invited to attend the Final Inspection by the PE/PS?  (Final Inspector,      

                      Contractor, District HMA or County Manager, local government reps., FHWA, others)

      7.   _____During the final inspection was particular attention given to the following 6 critical items:

                      Rideability, Drainage, Structures, Erosion Control, Safety items, Cleanup

  1. _____Was there a written “Final Inspection Punch List”?
  2. _____Did the “Final Inspection Punch List” have a time limit to complete the items and did it have a   

                      statement that said “failure to complete the items will result in an assessment of an administration  

                      fee of $100 per day for every calendar day beyond the stipulated time”?

     10.  _____Did the PE/PS notify the Final Inspector in writing of the satisfactory completion of the Final

                      Punch List?

     11.  _____Has the Final Inspector completed a Form C-85 to document ODOT’s acceptance?

     12.  _____Has the Final Inspector signed and distributed the Form C-85 to the contractor, FHWA (as                                  

                      required) and the maintaining agency within the 30 calendar day time frame as specified?

     13.  _____Was there a project guarantee, support or establishment period between the Physical Work                   

                      Complete date and the Final Completion date?

14.    _____Are there any items on this project that specify a warranty period?

15.    _____Were these items documented in a Partial Inspection to start the warranty period?

16.    _____For pay items 659 or 661 was an establishment period noted on Form C-85?

Sec. V – FHWA Notification

17.    _____Was the FHWA notified of the date of the Final Inspection and were they invited to attend?

18.    _____If this project is exempt from Federal oversight, was the FHWA notified when the project has                   been accepted?

Sec. VI – Partial Inspection                              

19.    _____Was there a partial inspection for any of the specified reasons?

Sec. VII – LPA Projects

20.    _____Was this a Local-Let project and if so did the LPA notify the Final Inspector to establish a time     

                 and date for the Final Inspection?



21.    _____Did the Final Inspector accept the project and complete the Form C-85 with Final Inspection                

                      Punch List items?

     22.  _____Did the Final Inspector sign and distribute copies of the completed Form C-85 to the proper

                      people and if the project was not in general conformance did he report in writing to the District

                      Local-Let Coordinator?



* Notes and/or comments on any of the items listed above:









































Division of Construction Management