Quality Assurance Review

Plan For

Partnering on Construction Projects

May 1, 2004



Measurement Criteria

1.      Ohio Revised Code Section 5501.02 and 5517.02

2.      Partnering Policy No. 27-003(P) issued 4/11/2001

3.      “Formal Partnering” and “Preconstruction Conferences and Informal Partnered Projects” Standard Procedure Nos. 510-003(SP) and 510-004(SP) issued 4/11/2001


Monitoring Method

1.      Interview with District Construction Engineer and/or District Partnering Coordinator.

2.      Review district project files on partnering, at least 10% of all projects completed within the last construction season.

3.      Attend at least 1 preconstruction conference for an informally partnered project and at least 1 formal partnering workshop (if applicable). (FYI only)

4.      Interview at least two project engineers on active projects, one with a formally partnered project (if applicable) and one with an informally partnered project.  (FYI only)


Monitoring Frequency

1.      All Districts will be reviewed every year.


Results Reported

1.      Written report to the Deputy Director Division of Construction Management, District (DDD, HMA, DCE) and the FHWA (if applicable) within 2 weeks of last interview.

2.      Written QAR summary report published annually with “Best Management Practices”.


Result Shared

            Written annual report to:

1.      Deputy Director Division of Construction Management

2.      Administrator Office of Construction Administration

3.      State Construction Engineer

4.      Assistant Director for Highway Operations

5.      Office of Quality

6.      FHWA (if applicable)

7.      District Deputy Directors

8.      District Highway Management Administrators and the District Construction Engineers                                                               

Compliance Tracking

            1.  QAR file in the Division of Construction Management.


Compliance Follow-up

1.      Review of district performance until improved to desired level.  There must also be a submission of a compliance action plan if the deficiencies are significant.

2.      Review and revision of plan if warranted.


Deputy Director Signature_________________________________________ Date __________



Quality Assurance Review

District Office Review

Checklist for Formal Partnering



District: ______   Date of Review: _________


District Construction Engineer:  ________________________________________

District Partnering Coordinator: ________________________________________


District Office Review


  1. _____Does the District staff have a clear understanding of the Partnering Policy and Standard                                               Procedures?
  2. _____Does the District have a designated partnering coordinator?
  3. _____How many formally partnered projects has the District had in the past calendar year?
  4. _____Does the District have a scoring chart record for each job to determine if formal partnering is                  required?
  5. _____Does the District have an up to date list of facilitators from which to choose should formal      partnering be required?
  6. _____Does the District establish a team of key project personnel (both ODOT and the contractor) prior to the formal partnering workshop to:

- review the plans, proposal and any special provisions

      - identify and invite stakeholders

      - determine the length, date and location of the workshop

      - select a facilitator

  1. _____At the formal partnering workshop does the District ensure that all areas of the Standard Procedure are covered?
  2. _____Does the District have a post construction meeting and record it findings?
  3. _____Does the District submit its yearly summary report on formal partnering to the Central Office by December 1st of each year?
  4. _____Does the District process a change order within 30 days from the receipt of the invoice from the contractor to pay for the formal partnering workshop?


* Notes and/or comments on any of the items listed above:












Division of Construction Management





Quality Assurance Review

Project Review

Checklist for Informal Partnering



District: ______        Date of Review: _________      No.of Projects Reviewed _________________

District Construction Engineer: ______________________________________________________

District Partnering Coordinator: ______________________________________________________


Project Review



1._____Is there a scoring chart record for the project to determine if the formal partnering process was                  required?

2._____Prior to the preconstruction meeting did the District review the project to determine potential problem areas?

3._____Does the District establish a team of key project personnel prior to the preconstruction meeting to:

- review the plans, proposal and any special provisions

      - identify and invite stakeholders

      - determine the length, date and location of the meeting

      - select a facilitator to chair the meeting

4._____At the precon/partnering meeting does the District ensure that all areas of the Standard Procedure are covered?  Was there a checklist?

5._____At the precon/partnering meeting are all of the key ODOT people in attendance?  Was there a sign in sheet?

6._____Is there a partnering agreement signed by all attending and a copy in the file?

7._____Is there an agreed RFI system set up?

8._____Is Proposal Note 25 – Dispute Resolution Process discussed in detail and agreed to by all?

9._____Is the chain of command for both parties discussed, documented and understood by all?

10.____Is partnering discussed at progress meetings and is it documented in the minutes?

  1. ____Has the project submitted its “Record of Learning” report to the Central Office and the District as indicated in CMS and the standard procedures?




* Notes and/or comments on any of the items listed above:












Division of Construction Management




Quality Assurance Review

Checklist for

Precon Evaluation/ Informal Partnering

Date:___________________       Time:_______________         District No.:________

Project No.:_______________     Co./Rt./SLM______________________________

Location of Precon Meeting:_____________________________________________  


Prime Contractor:______________________________________________________                                       

A.  Administrative requirements covered:                                     Yes/No/Comments                       

l.         Announce the appointment of the PE/PS.


2.      Material approval, inspection, and payment processes.

      3.  Change order process.


      4.  Contractor evaluation process and C-95 form.

      5.   Proposal, special provisions, and general plan notes.

      6.  Review of current ODOT Safety requirements.


B.     Legal requirements covered:


l.         Prevailing wage requirements and procedures.


2.      Project bulletin board responsibilities and give the Contractor necessary posters for the bulletin board.

3.      Contractor EEO responsibilities: nondiscriminatory hiring requirements, hiring goals for the area, and procedures under the voluntary on-the-job training program.

4.      Contractor responsibilities under l07.l2 for protection and restoration of property.

      5.   Environmental permit requirements and Contractor responsibilities for sediment

            and erosion control.


C.  Review of planned project work:


l.         Special environmental commitments.


2.        Right-of-way issues.

3.        Utility relocations.

4.       Railroad coordination, including any agreements between the Contractor and a railroad.    

5.       Any pending change orders or contemplated extra work.


D.  Information from the contractor:


     1.     State the proposed date for the start of project work.


2.          Announce the name of the Project Superintendent.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

3.          Present a progress schedule or CPM.

4.         State all known subcontractors, suppliers, and material sources.

5.         State, in general, work procedures, type of equipment to be used, and the

number of working shifts to be used.

6.         State the haul roads (C&MS Section l05.l3l) and waste and borrow

Areas (C&MS Section l05.l5l) to be used.

7.         Submit documentation itemizing the payroll taxes that the project will incur

under l09.04(a) if extra work is added to the project.

8.         Submit documentation stating the method of paying fringe benefits to workers

required by prevailing wage law.


E.  Documentation of the preconstruction conference shall include the following

minimum requirements:

1.    A list of conference attendees and their affiliation.


2.      Written minutes or a tape recording of the conference.


Informal partnering session:

1.  Establishment of an RFI process, specifically to whom an RFI must be addressed,                 

     acceptable format (letter, e-mail), and standard response time.  


2.      Review the Dispute Resolution Process as specified in proposal note 025.


A.     If the time frames given in Proposal Note 025 are not realistic for the project the

DCE and Contractor shall agree upon new time frame to resolve issues at each step.


            B.  Empower the district staff to quickly resolve issues in steps l or 2 of the        Dispute

                 Resolution Process.                                                                                                

            C.  Review the chains of commands of the Department and Contractor.

            D.  Obtain understanding and agreement that ignoring an issue or making no

                  decision is not acceptable.

            E.  Individuals are not expected to make a decision with which they are un-

                  comfortable, but should escalate upward in the dispute resolution process.

      3.  The informal partnering session should agree to Finalize-As-You-Go.

      4.  The agreements made will be documented and placed in the project file with a copy to the


* Notes and/ or comments on any of the items listed above: