Quality Assurance Review

Plan For

Specification Development and Usage

May 1, 2004

Measurement Criteria

1.      23 CFR 627 and 635

2.      Ohio Revised Code Section 5501, 5502, 5531

3.      Construction & Material Specifications

4.      Specification Development Policy 27-005(P)

5.      Specification Development Procedure 510-005(SP)


Monitoring Method

1.      Attend one Specification meeting in each group and review procedures used.

2.      Review publishing team procedures.

3.      Review Specification Coordinator procedures.

4.      Monitor the Office of Contracts and Office of Estimating usage of nonstandard Proposal notes and Specifications


Monitoring Frequency

1.      All five specification committees reviewed per year.

2.      One FHWA, and Specification coordinator review per year.

3.      One Office of Contracts and one Office of Estimating review per year.


Results Reported

1.      Summary of the number of Specifications, Proposal Notes, Plan Notes, and New Products reviewed.

2.      Summary of the time taken to review and approve specifications.

3.      Summary of the number of Specifications, Proposal Notes, and Plan Notes published without Specification Committee review.

4.      Summary of Written report to the District


Result Shared

Written report to:

1.      State Construction Engineer

2.      Deputy Director of Production Management

3.      Deputy Director of Construction Management

4.      Deputy Director of Contract Administration

5.      Assistant Director for Highway Management

6.      FHWA


Compliance Tracking

1.      QAR file in the Division of Construction Management


Compliance Follow-up

1.     Yearly review of Specification Committee performance until improved to desired level

2.      Review and revision of plan if warranted




Deputy Director Signature _______________________________________Date ____________

Quality Assurance Review

Specification Development and Usage


Committee of Office Reviewed: _________________________ Date of Review: ________________


Members in attendance must include representatives of all the following:

Industry ٱ | District ٱ | Planning ٱ | FHWA ٱ | CO Construction ٱ | District Construction ٱ | Production ٱ |


Specification Committee process

       _______Are documents distributed more than 3 working days in advance of a planned meeting to allow review?

       _______Are meetings held at least twice a year to allow industry and district concerns to be addressed?

       _______Are documents checked for Active Voice / Imperative Mood writing style?

       _______Do completed specifications include Designer Notes?

       _______Has the Specification Committee Chair attended a Specification writing course?

       _______Are meeting minutes distributed within one week following a meeting?

       _______Does the committee meeting have active discussion, and voting to indicate member concurrence?

       _______Are all finalized specs sent to the Specification Coordinator at least two weeks prior to quarterly distribution?

       _______Other Issues _____________________________________________________________

Specification Coordinator process

       _______Are specification logged, and tracked in an automated system?

       _______Are specifications forwarded to executive committee and FHWA with in 5 days of receipt?

       _______Are specifications checked for format and writing style requirements prior to publication?

       _______Are specifications published promptly each quarter according to the DRRC requirements?

       _______Other Issues______________________________________________________________

Tracking annual Specifications processed (data collected from published minutes)

       _______ Number of 800 1000 series specifications processed

       _______ Number of Proposal Notes processed

       _______ Other Issues_____________________________________________________________

Usage of Nonstandard Notes and Specifications processed (data collected from Estimating and Contracts)

       _______ Number of nonstandard proposal notes processed

       _______ Number of nonstandard specifications processed

       _______ Other Issues_____________________________________________________________


Special Issues:






Division of Construction Management


Name: _________________________