Quality Assurance Review

Plan For

Warranty Procedures

February 1, 2005


Measurement Criteria

1.      23 CFR 627.5 TEA-21

2.      Ohio Revised Code Section 5525.25

3.      Warranty Policy 510-002(P) issued 7/24/2000

4.      Warranty Guideline published 11/25/2002.


Monitoring Method

1.      Interview with District Production Administrator, District Construction Engineer and District Highway Management Administrator, and District Warranty Coordinator to:

                             A.            Review District production/project development files on a selection of Warranty Projects for conformance with the Warranty Guideline using checklist.

                             B.            Review District construction files on a selection of Warranty Projects for conformance with the tracking and reviews required as per the specifications using checklist.

2.      Visit at least one Project, if available, that has a Warranty specification, and review using checklist.

3.      Document best practices


Monitoring Frequency

1.      All 12 Districts will be reviewed each year.


Results Reported

1.      Written report to the District within 2 weeks of review.

2.      Written summary report published annually


Result Shared

            Written annual report to:

1.      State Construction Engineer

2.      Deputy Director of Construction Management.

3.      Assistant Director for Highway Management.

4.      Administrator Office of Construction

5.      FHWA.

6.      DDD, DCE, DHMA, Office of Quality                                                                                          


Compliance Tracking

            1.  QAR files in the Division of Construction Management.


Compliance Follow-up

1.      Review of District performance until improved to desired level.

2.      Review of District supplied corrective plan if warranted.




Deputy Director Signature _______________________________________Date ____________

Quality Assurance Review

Checklist for Warranty Procedures


District: ______ Central Office Reviewer: ________________________ Date of Review: _________ 


District Highway Management Administrator:        ________________________________________

District Production Administrator:                ________________________________________

District Construction Engineer:                                ________________________________________

District Warranty Coordinator:                                ________________________________________



Review District Production procedures for compliance to the Warranty Guidelines:

Does District correspondence regarding a past selection of warranty projects indicate review was completed in accordance with Guideline?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________

Does the District update Ellis with warranty information?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________


Warranty Project Level Requirements:

Were Warranty provisions properly documented, and C85 completed in a timely manner? Days: __

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________

Are project personnel aware of the Warranty provisions?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________


Review District tracking procedure

Does the District warranty coordinator have a clear understanding of the Policy and Guidelines?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________

Does the District have a tracking procedure for the scheduling of Warranty reviews, and method for notification of Contractors of the findings?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________

Has the District kept Central Office Construction up to date regarding the status of warranty reviews?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________

Has the District warranty coordinator keep clear records of C-85 dates, warranty Maintenance Bond, and Certificate of Insuirance?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________

Has the District warranty coordinator keep the Central Office Warranty Coordinator up to date monthly on completed project, and field reviews?

Explanation: _________________________________________________________________