2008 Quality Assurance Review

Plan For

Construction Inspection

March 21, 2008


Measurement Criteria

1.      23 CFR 627 and 635

2.      Ohio Revised Code Section 5501, 5502, 5531

3.      Construction & Material Specifications

4.      Construction Inspection Manual of Procedures


 Monitoring Method

1.      The Construction Specialist will contact the District Construction Engineer and the Project personnel via email, or phone prior to performing the review.

2.      Technical Field visits (TPR’s) will be performed on a selection of representative projects.

3.      Document best practices


Monitoring Frequency

1.      All 12 Districts reviewed each year.

2.      In each District, at least 2 projects will be reviewed for each item dependant on the construction schedule.


Results Reported

1.      Summary of findings with completed data sheets.

2.      Summary of best practices (Best Management Practices) will be posted on the internet.


Result Shared

            Written report annually to:

1.      District DDD with copies to the HMA, DCE and DTE

2.      Deputy Director of Construction Management

3.      Office of Quality

4.      Deputy Director for Highway Management

5.      FHWA                              


Compliance Tracking

1.      QAR file in the Division of Construction Management

2.      QAR file in the Office of Construction Administration


Compliance Follow-up

1.      Yearly review of Construction Inspection Technique performance until improved to desired level

2.      Review District action plan

3.      Review and revision of this process review plan if warranted



Deputy Director Signature / Date