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Office of Construction Administration

Value Engineering Change Proposals

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Bob Jessberger, P.E. Value Engineering Coordinator

(614) 752-5273


The New Value Engineering in Construction Policy and SOP are available!


Internal review procedure for Value Engineering Change Proposals:

1. The VECP should be clearly identified as such, and presented IN WRITING as described in the policy to the Project Engineer and to the District Construction Engineer.

2. The DCE along with District staff will perform an initial review, summarize findings in writing and determine a preliminary status (approvable/approvable if modified/not approvable) (this could be iterative and is outlined in the policy as the initial VECP submission review)

3. If the District approves the initial review of the VECP, the DCE will forward the VECP along with the findings to Bob Jessberger in Construction Management. (this is the preliminary VECP review as outlined in the procedure)

4. Bob Jessberger will coordinate a rapid Central Office review (including Estimating, FHWA and other areas) and direct replies back to the DCE within 15 days.

5. The District will make a final determination based on the comments and direct the Contractor accordingly.

6. The Contractor will submit the final VECP proposal to the DCE, who will forward the VECP to Bob Jessberger in Construction Management for final review.


Federal VE Policy Guide Link

Ohio Department of Transportation
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