106.03 Small Quantities

1. Specifications:

106.03 C & MS

2. Sampling and/or Testing Requirements:

The Engineer may accept small quantities in accordance with the Department's administrative ruling and Construction and Material Specifications.

Evaluation and Acceptance:

Before accepting a material as a small quantity, the Project Engineer will evaluate (1) whether the item meets the requirements of Item 106.03, (2) does not exceed 10% of the total quantity required for the specific construction item , and (3) is not a critical structural or highway safety item.

Materials meeting the above three (3) criteria may be accepted as small quantities. The maximum small quantity percent may be increased to 20% by District Construction Engineer's approval. For a construction item with a minimal quantity, the10% limit will not apply if the requirements of (1) and (3) are met.

The District Construction Engineer, District Testing Engineer, Office of Construction Management, Office of Structural Engineering and Office of Materials Management will provide guidance to the Project Engineer as follows:

Sample, test, and review any samples or data the Engineer requests in accepting a small quantity

Provide assistance and advice to the Engineer concerning small quantity acceptance and requirements.

Perform independent reviews of final small quantity documentation by Project Engineer following this administrative orders's documentation guidelines.

Perform Quality Assurance Reviews (QAR) during the project to assist the Engineer in conforming to documentation and acceptance requirement for small quantities.


Small quantities will be documented in the CMS. Project records should include at least type, source, quantity, and any delivery tickets or provided documentation the Engineer used as evidence for acceptance.

Final Project Records Acceptance:

All QAR issues will be resolved for small quantities. The District Construction Engineer will perform a review of the documentation requirements under this policy before acceptance of final quantities.