106.03 Temporary Materials

1. Specifications:

106.03 C & MS

2. Sampling and/or Testing Requirements:

The 2002 spec book eliminated the requirement for formally reporting all temporary materials. However, an administrative ruling establishes general requirements for control, acceptance and documentation of temporary construction items and any associated materials to assure safety, quality and durability.

Evaluation and Acceptance:

The Engineer will evaluate temporary construction and material items according to 106.03. Documentation of temporary items in the project file will include type, source, quantity, and delivery tickets or provided documentation the Engineer used as evidence for acceptance.

Treat the following temporary construction and material items as permanent items and follow standard acceptance procedures using CMS to document acceptance:

Temporary concrete pavement items

Temporary asphaltic concrete pavement items

Temporary structure items

Any other temporary items that will be permanently incorporated into the completed project.

The Engineer may opt to document within the project folder but all needed documentation will be included with the item.

The District Construction Engineer, District Testing Engineer, Office of Construction Management, Office of Structural Engineering and Office of Materials Management will provide guidance and assistance to the Engineer including:

Sample, test, review and/or authorize samples the Engineer chooses to not accept or wants additional information on for acceptance.

Provide advice to the Engineer concerning construction or material requirements.

Perform independent reviews of the Engineer's final temporary item documentation.

Perform Quality Assurance Reviews to assist the Engineer in meeting this administrative ruling's requirements for documentation and acceptance of temporary materials.

Final Project Records:

All final quantities and material issues for temporary items will be resolved in conformance with applicable policies, directives and specifications.

The Engineer will complete and sign a final temporary materials letter (see appendix A). The District Construction Engineer will accept the letter and the letter will be part of the final project records.

The District Construction Engineer will review the documentation before acceptance of final quantities.