205 Chemically Stabilized Embankment

1. Specifications:

Cement 701.04 C& MS

Lime materials 712.04B C& MS

Soils - see 203 C& MS

2. Sampling and Inspection Requirements:

Compaction and moisture control tests will follow S 1015 and the Manual of Procedures (MOP).

Follow sampling requirements for the actual individual materials. Cement is typically from certified supplier.  Lime may require sampling but must from licensed provider.  See 712.04B.

Submit Lime samples to the Office of Materials Management, Chemical section.

Submit Cement samples to the Office of Materials Management, Cement and Concrete section.

Two samples must be taken for each source of lime to be used on a project. The lime samples shall fill air tight, metal 1-pint (0.5 L) cans. They must be taken at the manufacturing plant by district personnel. A completed TE-31 shall accompany all samples. The type of lime shall be recorded on either the TE-31 or on any accompanying paperwork form the producer.

See 203 for sampling requirements for soils.

3. Methods of Tests:

Moisture Density Control Tests:

S1015 of MOP for Earthwork Construction.

Laboratory Testing (Office of Geotechnical Engineering Operations Section/OMM Chemical Section) AASHTO T 88, AASHTO T 89, AASHTO T 90, AASHTO T 99, ASTM C 977, 712.04(B) as per C&MS.