252 Full Depth Rigid Pavement Removal and Flexible Replacement

1. Specification:

Seal Coat 702.04 C &MS

Asphalt Concrete 301 or 448 C &MS, Type 2

Item 403 C &MS

Sand aggregate 703.06 C &MS

2. Sampling and Testing Requirements:

Certified asphalt cement, one sample for each project, except for inconsequential quantities. Non-certified asphalt cement must be sampled and approved prior to use by the OMM Asphalt Section. Sample size, one pint.


1 in 10 sets of Marshall Pills produced by the contractor shall be tested by the district. (District)

Obtain a sample of mix which the contractor has used to determine the MTD and test. (District)

In the event of conflicting results, the district sample should be sent to OMM as a referee.


Follow 403 for 448 procedures.

3. Method of Tests:

Supplement 1038 (District), Supplement 1039 (District), Supplement 1043 (District)