255 Full Depth Pavement Removal and Rigid Replacement

1. Specification:

Item 255 C&MS

499.01 Concrete Class C, S, FS or MS

705.04 Joint Sealer

705.07 Curing Material, Type 2 meeting 705.07

705.20 Non Shrink, Non Metallic Grout, Type IV, Grade 3, Class A, B or C

709.00 Reinforcing Steel

709.10 Welded Steel Wire Fabric

705.01 or 709.13 Dowel Bars and Baskets Assemblies

Bond Breaker - Approved List

712.01 Expansion Shield Anchors, Type A

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

MS and FS concrete mix designs to be provided by the contractor.  Obtain JMF# from OMM Cement and Concrete Section.

Insure that curing compound has been thoroughly agitated prior to application.

Non-Shrink, Non Metallic Grout must set up within 30 minutes.

For concrete placement:

Grouting around dowels or tiebars must be in hardened condition before placement of rigid pavement replacement.

While concrete is still in plastic state, the surface should be tested for trueness and for being flush the edges of adjacent slabs. Make additional checks and corrections until patch is within tolerance.

Do not open the rigid replacement to traffic until the concrete attains a modulus of rupture of 400 pounds per square inch (2.8 MPa).

For curing compound, reinforcing steel, grouts, see applicable material section for requirements.

3. Method of Tests:

S1023 - Making and Testing Concrete Beams

ASTM C138 Unit Weight

ASTM C31 Making & Handling Concrete Cylinders

ASTM C231 Air Content (Pressure Method)

ASTM C173 Air Content (Volumetric Method)

ASTM C143 Slump