256 Bonded Patching of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement

1. Specification:

256.02 C&MS

701.05 Portland Cement

703.02 Fine Aggregate

703.02 Coarse Aggregate, no. 8

705.07 Curing Material

705.10 Air-entraining Admixture

705.21 Quick Setting Concrete Mortar

2. Sampling and Testing Requirements:

Type A patches require no sampling of aggregate or cement. Materials are certified. Do not accept non-certified material. Curing materials should be on QPL. Refer to the OMM website at



Test Type A material for air content

Cure Type B and Type C patching materials should be mixed and cured according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Field test Type A patches to assure 400 psi modulus of rupture is obtained before opening to traffic. For type B and C the basis for opening to traffic will be the manufacturer's recommendation of the time required to achieve either compressive strength of 4000 psi or 400 psi modulus of rupture.

3. Method of Tests:

S 1023

ASTM C 231, 173

C&MS 701, 702 and 705.21