305 Portland Cement Concrete Base

1. Specifications:

C & MS 305, 451 & 452

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Materials shall be handled under the appropriate sections. If a sample is needed for freeze-thaw tests, it shall be taken at the source and placed in aggregate bags furnished by the Department.

Samples shall consist of 4 bags of the proposed aggregate. One bag shall be graded at the District lab and sent to the OMM Aggregate Section. The remaining bags shall be sent to OMM Aggregate Section and will be forwarded to OMM Concrete Section for testing and analysis.

Acceptance of sampling and testing of concrete shall be in accordance with item 499. Make two (2) 6 "x 6" x 4" beams for every 7500 yds2 (6300 m2) or fraction thereof incorporated each day.

3. Method of Test:

Item 499

S 1023, S1024