306 Cement Treated Free Draining Base

1. Specifications:

Item 306 - C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Materials shall conform to section 306.02. Portland Cement shall conform to item 701.01 or 701.04 - substitution of pozzolans for Portland Cement shall not be allowed. Aggregate shall conform to item 703.12.

Mix Design requirements - Item 306.03 and the following:

Minimum cement content by weight shall be 250 lbs/cy when using number 57 gradation. Minimum cement content by weight shall be 220 lbs/cy when using number 67 gradation.

Water-cement ratio shall be approximately 0.36. The contractor may change this water-cement ratio depending on the workability of the mixture.

The contractor may use a water-reducing admixture meeting 705.12.

Pre-wet the mixer fins and chute to allow discharge of the CTFDB, as necessary.

Thickness tolerances:

The compacted depth of the CTFDB shall be 4 inch and must conform to the plans. Randomly verify the specified depth per item 306.12


Acceptance of production of CTFDB must conform to item 306.04.

3. Method of Test:

Conforming to S1090