308 Asphalt Concrete ATFDB

1. Specifications and policies:

C&MS Section 308.02, Appendix J - Policies and Instructions

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:


Aggregates shall be handled in accordance with procedures of 703.01 and 703.05, this Manual. (Field) Aggregates which have special deleterious restrictions must be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section.

Job Control Samples:

At a minimum, a job control sample will be taken once every 5 production days for each size and source of aggregate used. Additional samples will be taken for each additional 2600 tons of coarse aggregate and 1300 tons of fine aggregate used during the period covered by the sample. These samples shall be taken from stock piles nearest the point of incorporation in the mix as possible and submitted to the District Engineer of Tests to be tested for gradation. (Field)

Monitoring and Acceptance:

See Item 308.04 and 308.11 for ATFDB acceptance.

3. Methods of Tests:

Supplement 1038, Supplement 1039, Supplement 1043.