408 Prime Coat

1. Specification:

Item 408.02 & 408.03 C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Certified asphalt binder, one sample for each project, except for inconsequential quantities. Non-certified asphalt binder must be sampled and approved by the OMM Asphalt Section. Sample size, one pint.

The Department will approve the quantity, rate of application, temperature and area to be treated before application of the prime coat.

If, after applying the prime coat, the asphalt material fails to penetrate and traffic must use the roadway, spread cover aggregate in the amount required to absorb any excess asphalt material.

Cover aggregate should be from certified supplier, and by the ticket, certify to the gradation.  See 703.05 or 703.06 for other requirements

3. Method of Tests:


S 1069