410 Traffic Compacted Surface

1. Specification:

Item 410.02 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Verify the aggregate source in on the ODOT Certified Supplier List. Refer to OMM's website at


Samples are to be taken at the source in accordance with procedures described in Appendix "A" and submitted to the District Engineer of Tests. (Field)

Samples shall consist of 60-70 pounds of material.  Samples obtained from Group 2 sources shall represent 5200 tons, or fraction thereof. Samples shall be tested for gradation in accordance with 703.18.

If the amount passing the number 200 sieve for any gravel exceeds 10.0% but is less than 15.0% and the material is non-plastic, the following notation is to be made in the remarks. "Amount passing the #200 sieve considered other than clay." (CMS)

When the amount passing the #200 sieve for any gravel exceeds 15%, the sample shall be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section for determination of clay content.

If the type is listed in Group 0 or Group 1 and the gradation meets specifications, update the actual completion date and change the Responsible Location to "TL" and Lab to "AG" in the CMS Material Sample screen for the samples tested. (CMS will notify the OMM Aggregate Section to review and authorize.) (District)

If the material is listed as Group 2 or there is no record of any recent approval on this type, contact the OMM Aggregate Section for the proper procedure to be followed for the current sample and any subsequent samples. (District)

Samples shall be accompanied by a TE-31. The TE-31 will have the sample ID of the samples tested by the District.

3. Methods of Tests:

Physical Tests: S 1004 (District)

Quality Tests: AASHTO T 96, AASHTO T 88 (OMM Aggregate Section)