423 Crack Sealing, Hot Applied

1. Specification:

Type I 705.04 C&MS

Type II 702.17.B C&MS

Type III 702.17 C C&MS

Type IV 702.17 D C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Type I and Type IV: The Engineer will not accept the work if the band of sealant on the pavement surface is greater than 2 inches wide.

Type II and Type III: The Engineer will not accept the work if the thickness on the pavement is greater than 3/16 inches wide.

Type I thru IV: Obtain the Laboratory's approval of crack sealant before shipping to the project. Ship using TE-24. Inspect the items for defect or damage prior to inclusion into the project. Guardrail items from a certified source are shipped on TE-24.

Do not accept un-documented items. Notify the District Engineer of Tests or OMM Asphalt materials

Use backer rod material on the approved list maintained by the Laboratory.

Opening to Traffic:

Do not allow traffic on the sealant until it has cured and the possibility of tracking no longer exists. If the Engineer determines it is necessary to allow traffic to pass over the sealant before adequate curing, dust Portland cement or other approved material over sealed cracks to eliminate pickup or tracking.

3. Method of Tests: