499 Concrete General

1. Specification:

Section 499.02, 701, 703.02, 703.13, 705.10 and 705.12 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Component Materials:

Sampling and/or inspection of all materials used in the production of Portland Cement Concrete will be handled in accordance with the appropriate material acceptance or certification policy. Refer to the OMM website http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/default.aspx for Certified Suppliers List, Qualified Product List (QPL), or Approved Material List.

Job Control Samples:

Job Control cylinders of various classes of concrete covered under Item 499 will be made and transported in accordance with ASTM field-testing practices. Concrete properties listed in section 3 will be tested in accordance with ODOT and ASTM specifications. (Field)

Production Control:

The proportioning and adjustment of Portland Cement Concrete will be in accordance with Item 499 of the MOP for Concrete and C&MS Tables 499.03-2 ,499.03-3 for Class C, F or S Concrete, Tables 499.04-1 through 499.04-3 for Class C, F or S Options, and Table 499.03-4 for Class HP Concrete and HP Concrete with blended cement.

Item 499.05 outlines additional proportioning options for rigid replacement. A mix design reflecting aggregate weights in SSD condition must be submitted to OMM prior to use. Class FS is Fast-setting concrete with min. cement content of 900 lbs. This concrete may be opened to traffic after 4 hours if test beams have gained 400 PSI modulus of rupture. Class MS is a moderate setting concrete with 800 lbs. cement and max. w/c of 0.43, open to traffic after 14 hrs with 400 PSI modulus of rupture. (Field)


3. Methods of Test:

The following Acceptance Sampling and Testing procedures are covered in Section 499 of the Construction Inspection Manual of Procedures: Water-Cement Ratio, Air Content, Slump, and Yield.

ASTM C138 Unit Weight

ASTM C31 Making & Handling Concrete Cylinders

ASTM C231 Air Content (Pressure Method)

ASTM C173 Air Content (Volumetric Method)

ASTM C143 Slump


S1023 Making & Testing Concrete Beams