504 Sheet Piling Left in Place

1. Specification:

Item 504.03 C&MS

Item 711.03 C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

It is the Contractor's responsibility to provide the Engineer with mill certifications for sheet piling showing domestic origin. Used sheet piling with certified test data may be used provided it is Engineer inspected and accepted.

Document acceptance by TE-30 in CMS

Drive sheet piling to tip elevation shown on plans.

No sample necessary

3. Method of Tests:


4. Addendum:


Mill test requirements for sheet piling: (ASTM A328) 


Chemical requirements


Chemical element

% of Heat Analysis Composition


0.035 max


0.04 max


0.20 max


Physical strength requirements


Physical requirement

Required value


Minimum 70,000 psi

Yield point

Minimum 39,000 psi

Elongation (using an 8 inch gage)

Minimum 17 %

Elongation (using an 2 inch gage)

Minimum 20 %