511 Concrete for Structures

1. Specifications:

Section 511.02 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Materials shall be handled in accordance with the appropriate section of this manual with the following exceptions:

Coarse aggregates proposed for superstructure concrete have additional deleterious requirements and must be submitted for tests in accordance with 703.02 at a frequency prescribed by OMM Aggregate Section. Refer to 703.02 for sampling frequency requirements. Except for Group O source materials and those from selected Group 1 sources, materials shall be maintained in separate stockpiles. (Field)

Contact OMM Aggregate Section for determination of selected Group 1 source for exemption of stockpiling requirements. (District)

Crushed air-cooled blast furnace slag from Group 0 or Group 1 sources proposed for superstructure concrete need not be submitted for additional deleterious tests, unless inspection indicates deleterious materials are present. (District)

Samples shall be tested for gradation requirements. Results of the deleterious inspection and gradation test shall be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section. (District)

Job Control Samples:

Job Control samples will be taken for each size and source of aggregate to be used in production. These samples are to be taken from stockpiles at the closest point of incorporation in the mix as possible. Refer to 703.02 for sampling frequency requirements. These samples shall be submitted to the District to be tested for gradation. (Field)

Production Control:

The proportioning of materials for the production of Portland Cement Concrete shall be in accordance with Section 10 of the MOP for Concrete, and 499.03 C&MS for either Class C, F, S or HP Concrete. (Field)

3. Methods of Test:

Item 499.03, 705.12

ASTM C153, C494, C920 Type S