515 Prestressed Concrete

1. Specification:

Item 515.08 C&MS

Item 511.02

Supplement 1079

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Material Approval:

The fabricator is responsible of controlling, testing, and validating material requirements for all materials either incorporated into the prestressed fabricated item or supplied under Item 515 as component parts of the fabricated items. The fabricator shall provide supporting documentation to the inspector at the time of final inspection.

The Department will not sample materials at the fabricator's shop for Department approval; however, the Department may randomly sample materials to check the fabricator's performance.


Select fabricators are pre-qualified and evaluated by the OMM Concrete & Cement Section per Supplement 1079. Refer to the Certified Supplier list at OMM's website http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/default.aspx.

Field Inspection:

When prestressed members arrive on the site they should be inspected for damage and quality of fabrication as thoroughly as time and conditions permit. Inspection should include areas that look like they were patched and cracking. Fine cracking at the ends of the beams, whether box or I Beams, is not unusual and will tighten under erection and dead loading of the members. Cracking in other locations is not usual or acceptable.

Prestressed members should have a certification document (TE-24) with the shipment. Do not accept un-documented members. Notify the District Engineer of Tests or the OMM Cement and Concrete Section. Erection components for prestressed box beam members (i.e. tie rods, splices, nuts, etc.) will be considered included under and covered by the fabricator's certification document. For I beams, the embedded components will be covered under the fabricator's certification document. If galvanized crossframes are used for prestressed I beams, the prestressed fabricator will probably not supply a certification document; they will be provided by a steel fabricator with separate certification documentation.

3. Method of Tests:

Supplement 1079