517 Railing

1. Specification:

Item 517.03, 517.05, 517.06 C&MS

Item 514.02 C&MS

Item 711.02, 711.20

Item 513.03

Supplement 1078

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

No sample is required.

Inspection at the fabricators facility is not required. The Department will base final acceptance of fabricated members on the Engineer's approval that the fabricated items can be successfully incorporated into the structures.

The railing fabricator is required to supply the Engineer with a TE-24, shop drawings, and a letter of certification stating all materials meet contract requirements.

Do not accept un-documented material. Notify the District Engineer of Tests or the OMM's Structural Steel section.

3. Method of Tests:

Item 513, 501.07, 711.20