522 Structural Plate Corrugated Metal Structures on Footings

1. Specification:

Item 522.02 C&MS

Item 707.03 or 707.23 or 741.07 C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Quality Control:

Quality of the galvanizing should be examined. Some added thickness occurs at the bolt holes and may appear to be stripping when the bolts are installed. Peeling as evidenced by separation of galvanizing around bolts or near the edges of the plates when pried with a knife or impacted with a hammer is course for rejection.

Corrugated metal arch structure plates, high strength bolts, ribs and anchor angles should only be accepted from certified suppliers listed on the OMM web site,


. The shipments should be accompanied by a certification document (TE-24).

3. Method of Tests:


Item 603.08, Type A conduit