602 Masonry

1. Specification:

Item 602.02 C&MS

Supplement 1073

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Cast-In-Place Concrete

Conform to the sampling and testing requirements of 499

Precast Concrete

All materials are inspected for dimensions and condition after being delivered to the project. Where the dimensions fail to comply with the specified tolerances, or where the pipe includes defects described herein or in the specifications, the pipe is not approved for placement on the project.

Precast items shall conform to the pre-approved designs approved by the Office of Structural Engineering and on file with the Office of Materials Management.

Shipments must be accompanied by a TE-24 Notice of Shipment.  The manufacturer of precast items must be certified according to supplement 1073. Refer to the Certified Supplier List on OMM's website


Assure that precast headwalls delivered are listed by the supplier’s name and their approved drawing shows the size that have been provided.  No precast half-height headwalls are acceptable for any metal or elliptical pipe of any size, nor round pipe with a diameter above 78”.  No precast full-height head walls are acceptable regardless of size.


Each precast half-height headwall section shall be clearly marked with the following:

Date of manufacture

Name or trademark of manufacturer

Plant location

3. Method of Tests:

ASTM C138 Unit Weight

ASTM C31 Making & Handling Concrete Cylinders

ASTM C231 Air Content (Pressure Method)

ASTM C173 Air Content (Volumetric Method)

ASTM C143 Slump

Supplement 1073