604 Precast Reinforced Concrete Outlets or Monuments

1. Specification:

Item 604.02 C&MS

Item 603, 503

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

If cast in place constuction, all structure installation operations should have a Project Inspector present at all times to ensure the work is in accordance with the specifications. All work is documented on a CA-P-3 Structure Inspection Form. Document the following on the CA-P-3 Structure Inspection Form for each structure type:

Project Number



All precast concrete manhole, catch basin and inlet sections will be supplied by certified suppliers conforming to Supplement 1073. 

Shipments must be accompanied by a TE-24 Notice of Shipment Form. A bill of lading defining individual components incorporated into construction items such as the casting, if embedded, is required. For additional information regarding certification programs, refer to the OMM website http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/default.aspx .


3. Method of Tests:

Supplement 1073

Item 622.07