608 Walks, Curb Ramps, and Steps

1. Specification:

Item 608.03 C&MS

Item 703.10 C&MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Class C Concrete, conforming to Item 499 and Type 1 Asphalt Concrete conforming to Item 448 shall be used. Crushed Aggregate should meeting gradation requirements of 703.10. Insure that Concrete Walks and Concrete Steps, are excavated, formed, placed, and finished according to Item 608.03.A and 608.03.B.

Asphalt Concrete Walks should have a thoroughly compacted aggregate base applied in layers not exceeding 4 inches in depth (100 mm). Asphalt concrete should be placed in sufficient courses to insure required depth after compaction.

Refer to sections 608.03 A through E for curb ramp construction.

Cure concrete walks according to Item 451. Apply curing membrane at a minimum rate of 1 gal per 200 square feet (1 L/5 m2) of surface. Concrete steps should be cured per Item 511.

3. Method of Tests: