617 Reconditioned Shoulders

1. Specification:

Item 617.02 of C&MS.

703.18 of C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

For all new sources and sources identified as Group 2 in CMS, contact the OMM Aggregate Section to determine if a shale test will be required. (District)

For Group 2 sources, a 70 lb. sample shall be taken as per Appendix "A", at the source, for each 5200 tons, or fraction thereof, and submitted for testing by the District. (Field)  When the aggregate quality from Group 1 and 0 sources is in question, a 70 lb. sample shall be taken as per Appendix A, at the source, and submitted for testing by the District.

Samples requiring shale determination shall be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section after testing. The shale sample needs only to consist of 5200 gm split from material retained on the No. 4 and larger sieves. (District Engineer of Tests)

A TE-31 will have the Sample ID of the sample tested by the District shall accompanied the sample.

For all samples tested in the District and not submitted to OMM, update the actual completion date and change the Responsible Location to "TL" and Lab to "AG" in the CMS Material Sample screen for the samples tested. (CMS will notify the OMM Aggregate section to review and authorize.) (District)

If open-hearth or basic-oxygen slag materials are used on a project, they must be certified by the contractor in accordance with 703.15 C&MS. (Field)

All open-hearth and basic-oxygen slag material shipped to a project must be accompanied by a delivery ticket with the stockpile number and/or location marked on it.

3. Methods of Tests:

Physical Tests: (District)

S 1005, S 1006, S 1021 (gravel only).

Samples submitted for soundness test shall be graded using sieves as called for in Appendix "B".

Quality Tests: (OMM Aggregate Section)

S 1029, AASHTO T-104 (when needed)