622 Concrete Barriers

1. Specification:

Section 622.02, 609.04 C&MS.

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Cast-in-place barrier materials shall conform to Item 511 C&MS. (Field)

Slip-form construction of concrete barriers shall conform to Item 609.04C C&MS.

Precast barriers shall be produced by a certified plant as per Supplement 1073.

A list of certified suppliers and the material they produce is available at the OMM website


Portable concrete barrier shall conform to Std. Drw. MC 9.2. Dimensions shall be checked for compliance with the applicable Standard Construction Drawing or detail shown in the Plans. (Field)

Precast concrete barriers and portable concrete barriers shall be shipped on the TE-24 system. If a Shipping Notice is not received with the material, no sample should be obtained. Material should be rejected as not coming from a certified supplier. (Field)

Barriers shall be inspected after delivery to the project for dimensions and condition. Sections shall be substantially free of fractures and surface roughness. Refer to Item 706.13 C&MS for conditions under which individual pieces may be rejected. (Field)

3. Methods of Test:

Cast-in-place and slip form barriers are tested in accordance with Section 511 C&MS. (Field)