641 Pavement Marking - General

1. Specifications:

Item 641.02 C & MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:


Minimum performance requirements for Pavement markings are found in Supplement 1047.  Physical and chemical properties are found in Item 740.  Provide pavement marking from approved  manufacturers as per Supplement 1089, Traffic Markings Sampling Requirements. 

Refer to OMM website located at http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Approved-List/Pages/default.aspx to determine if the material and manufacturer has an approved status. Verify type and brand name of material is on the  approved list prior to use.  Inspect material container for markings, expiration date and condition.

Each shipment shall be accompanied with a properly generated TE-24 with the following correct entries:

1. Project number and year,

2. Project reference number,

3. Correct quantity,

4. Destination producer/supplier code number

5. Batch number.

6. For purchase orders, the requisition and purchase order numbers.

Traffic markings not furnished with a TE-24 at the time of application will not be accepted.  Sample in accordance with Supplement 1089

Document in CMS.

Pavement markings should be free of uneven edges, overspray or other visible defects that detract from the appearance or function of the markings. Inspect lines at night to ensure proper retroreflectivity.

Apply marking materials at the rate or thickness specified in 642.03, 643.03, 644.03, 645.03, 646.03, or 647.02 and, except for parking lot stall markingsnsure that parking lot stall markings are uniformly retroreflective. 

The term long lines, when used in sections 642 through 647 includes edge lines, lane lines, center lines, and channelizing lines over 200 feet (60 m) long. 

The term auxiliary markings, when used in Items 642 through 647 includes channelizing lines 200 feet (60 m) or shorter, stop lines, crosswalk lines, transverse lines, diagonal lines, curb markings, island markings,symbol markings, parking lot stall markings, lane arrows, and dotted lines.

When materials appear to not perform, sample per Supplement 1089 and submit samples to DET for shipment to Office of Materials Management

Methods of Tests:

Item 740 C & MS

Supplement 1089