659.02 Testing of Soil or Topsoil



1.  Specification


659.02    Testing of Soil or Topsoil


2.  Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:


If plan specified, obtain a Soil Analysis Test consisting of a 1-pint (0.5 L) representative sample derived from randomly selected 15 cores shall be taken from each source, and for every stockpile comprised of a visually different material from the same source. (Field).


The Ohio County Extension offices can provide the Contractor with a soil sample kit and testing laboratory locations. The Department will review the sample test results and approve application rates for the standard mixture ratios provided by the Contractor.

If a SoilAnalysis Test of the soil is not required by the plans, use the standard application rates for lime and commercial fertilizer.

3. Methods of Test.

Soil pH test for active soil acidity or alkalinity