659.04 Commercial Fertilizer


1.  Specification

659.04 Commercial Fertilizer

2.  Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Contact the District Engineer of Tests to verify that the material producer or supplier is licensed to manufacture, sell or distribute the product name(s) and grade(s) for the calendar year as required by 905.33, Ohio Revised Code (ORC) or review the of approved suppliers listed on the OMM internet site


Material may not be used until verification and/or testing is completed and approval is received. If licensing verification is not received, the material may not be used. (Field)

The OHIO DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, FEED AND FERTILIZER SECTION, shall be notified of the name and address of the manufacturer, seller or distributor through the District laboratory if license number is not on the list of Licensed producers and suppliers.

Other problems which arise that are violations of the cited Ohio Revised Codes shall be reported to the DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE, FEED AND FERTILIZER SECTION.

After verification is received that producer or supplier is licensed, the material shall be inspected for damage, moisture caking or other conditions detrimental to use. Shipments shall contain the following information.

Packaged Material:

The package must bear a label in legibly written or printed form which includes the following in accordance with 905.35Ohio Revised Code (ORC):

Net weight of the contents

Brand and product name; 

Name and address of the manufacturer or distributor that appears on the license or registration,

Grade expressed in whole numbers only for all mixed fertilizers except specialty fertilizers; 

Guaranteed analysis

Bulk Material:

Name and address of the licensee, or registrant;

Name and address of the purchaser, and county of destination;

Date of sale; 

Product name; 

Net weight;

Grade expressed in whole numbers only for all mixed fertilizers, and other claims, if any. The weight and grade of each material in the mixture and the total weight of the mixture may be stated in lieu of a statement of the grade of the mixture

Shipping invoices or notices shall be available for all bulk  material stored at locations other than a place of manufacture.

No sample is required.

3. Methods of Test:

Licensed by State of Ohio, Dept of Agriculture