659.09 Native Grasses and Wildflowers


1.  Specification


659.09    Native Grasses and Wildflowers

2.  Sampling and/or Inspection Procedures:

All seed used by ODOT on non-construction projects requires testing (DAS Contract GDC-44).(Field)


Seeds are pre-tested under the ODOT Seed Certification Program in conformance with Supplement 1022. (OMM Chemical Section) The Department reserves the right to test, approve or reject seed after delivery.

A bill of lading and a TE-24 Notice of Shipment must be received with the shipment. (Field)

Sixty (60) days before sowing, a written description for Classes  4, 5 and 6 Native Grass and Wildflower mixtures showing the percentage by weight (mass) of each kind of seed shall be provided for approval. (Field/District)

This description should also include the following information:

Name and location of the seed supplier

Origin and date of harvest of each kind of seed

A statement of the purity and germination of each seed

Testing date for each seed

How and when seeds were mixed

3.  Methods of Tests: