660 Sod

1. Specifications:

Section 660.02 C &MS

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Qualified Product List (QPL)

Only material that is approved as a Qualified Product may be used. To verify, refer to Qualified Product List (QPL) on the OMM website



All sod shall be certified. A certificate shall accompany each shipment and furnish the following information:

The name of the producer

The amount of sold shipped in square yards (square meters)

The location of the sod field

The location of job site

The date sod was cut

The thickness the sod was cut

Wood stakes, galvanized poultry netting, fertilizer and lime shall be furnished according to Item 662.02 C&MS. (Field/District)

No sample is required.

3. Methods of Tests:

Item 660.09