701.10 Micro-Silica Admixtures

1. Specification:

Section 701.10 C&MS.

Supplement 1045

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Use of Micro-Silica admixtures in pulpable bags is permitted only with permission of  District Construction.  Batching procedure should be submitted per project for approval prior to use.  Contact the Cement and Concrete section before using pulpable bags

Micro-Silica Certification:

Micro-Silica shall be certified according to Supplement 1045. Refer to the Certified Supplier list maintained on the OMM website http://www.dot.state.oh.us/Divisions/ConstructionMgt/Materials/Pages/CertifiedSuppliers.aspx to determine if the Producer is certified status. If certified, it may be used immediately.

Obtain samples in accordance with sampling procedures at a minimum of one sample per 180 days from each Ready Mix Producer for each class of micro-silica used in production for State jobs.


Only an original bill of lading with certification statement shall be acceptable. All samples shall be submitted to the OMM Cement and Concrete Section in a one-half gallon friction-top, airtight container supplied by the Department. The TE-31 with an original copy of the bill of lading attached shall be placed in a sealed envelope. The envelope and a completed TE-10 shipping tag shall be securely attached to the container. (Field)

Sampling Procedures:

Sampling shall be by the "grab sample" method, using one of the following procedures. (Field)

Sample Scooped from Top of Load

This method of sampling is carried out from the top of the delivery tanker through an open manhole. The top six inches of micro-silica should be pushed aside in the area where the sample will be taken. The sample is then scooped from the exposed micro-silica, making sure that at least ten pounds of micro-silica is obtained for the sample. A half-gallon container, securely fastened to the end of a pole, should enable the sampler to obtain the sample in two or three scoops. Tap the sample container sharply several times to facilitate settling the micro-silica. 

Packaged Micro-Silica Sample:

The sample shall consist of a composite obtained by sampling from 3 bags. The sample increment is obtained by forcing a sampling tube diagonally through the sampling port, if available, to the full depth of the bag. The hole is closed and the tube withdrawn and emptied into the sampling container. Approximately equal increments shall be taken from each sampled bag to make up the total sample. Tap the sample container sharply several times to facilitate settling the micro-silica.

3. Method of Test:

(OMM Cement and Concrete Section)

ASTM C1240, S1045