703.01 Aggregates General


1. Specification:

Section 703 C&MS and S 1069.


2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:  Quality testing Requirements [Soundness, Specific gravity, LA, Deleterious]

The Department separates its aggregate material sources into Groups 0, 1 and 2. These groupings are based on the quality of an aggregate source. [i.e. soundness, freeze thaw, abrasion, deleterious materials]

Procedure for Group 0 and Group 1 Material:

From March thru November a weekly list will be sent from the OMM Aggregate Section requesting random quality control samples (QAL) for the Department's aggregate producers certified under S1069. The District Engineer of Tests shall examine the list and will have samples pulled from those sources.

Within two weeks of receipt of the request, a quality sample, representing an undetermined quantity for each size to be used, shall be taken in accordance with the Sampling Procedure. (District)

If the size requested is unobtainable during the initial visit to the aggregate source, the size not obtained and the date of the initial visit will be recorded in a log book.  Every reasonable attempt will be made to obtain all aggregate items on the weekly QAL report.  However, if the aggregate size is still not obtainable 2 weeks after the QAL request, the size not obtained will be noted in the log book as “unobtainable” and additional comments as to why the size was not obtained (i.e. no production, production only for commercial non-state work) will be made.  (District)

Following completion of tests, a "general" report will be issued approving the quality for the size tested provided that specification requirements are met. (OMM Aggregate Section)

This quality will remain in effect until subsequent quality tests indicate otherwise.  Group 0 and Group 1 sizes will be randomly sampled a minimum of one to or four times a year, respectively.

QC Minimum Sampling Frequency

Material Type

Sampling Frequency Per Year

If Group:

Fine Aggregate



Fine Aggregate



Coarse Aggregate



Coarse Aggregate



Dense Graded Aggregate



Dense Graded Aggregate




The Department has just changed over to Pre-Qualified Aggregate Sources under S1069.   Job control sample procedures are no longer performed with qualified suppliers.  Verification testing is performed at a minimum of 1/2 the frequency that the qualified supplier's quality control testing.  Test frequencies are established in the quality control suppliers approved quality control plan.  Group 2 quality status does not require additional gradation testing for either the supplier or the Department.  Frequency of verification gradation testing may be decreased by the DET.  If gradation quality issues arise increased frequency and Job Control Samples may be required for qualified suppliers.


Below is the old standard requirements for Job Control Samples


Job Control Samples

As the Department has just changed over to Pre-Qualified Aggregate Sources under S1069 ,the following job control sample procedure is currently being left in the manual. Job Control Samples are not required for qualified suppliers except where quality issues cause the supplier to be in a group 2 status OR the producer is under current contract issued before S1069 became effective.

At a minimum, a job control sample will be taken for the sample tonnage specified in CMS 700 sampling table for coarse aggregate or for fine aggregate for each size and source of aggregate to be used. These tests are good for an elapsed time of 45 days from the date authorized. If the quantity of material used on State jobs has not reached the represented quantity reported and 45 days has elapsed, another job control sample must be taken and tested by the District Engineer of Tests. (Field and District)

If a sample involves split yardage, or has difference specification requirements, multiple sample ID suffixes will be created to accommodate the recording of test data per specification 700 Material details.

Coarse aggregates for concrete items shall include a generic sample number (00720319-01or 02) to fulfill the CMS reporting requirement pertaining to companion sand.

Procedure for Group 2 Material:

All Group 2 aggregate items will be stockpiled at the producer/supplier location in accordance with 700 of C&MS.

Aggregates from Group 2 sources will be sampled from a definite, identifiable quantity of material in accordance with Appendix A.  Once sampled, no new material may be added to this stockpile. Material may not be used until approval is received. (Field)

Samples must be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section for "quality" testing. Group 2 materials are to be submitted as CTL samples.  Group 2 test reports will be issued by the OMM Aggregate Section as a "general" report for a specific quantity. Quantities may be assigned to a project from the TE-31 that is attached to the sample in the same manner as a Group 0/ Group 1 "quality" sample.

Where Group 2 aggregates are purchased by the Department on purchase orders, the District may request a "Waiver for Submissions of Sample" from OMM.. (District Engineer of Test). If the quality record warrants, upon the granting of the waiver from OMM aggregate section, the District will test for compliance with the requirements of the purchase order, using physical tests indicated in the Methods section.

If the waiver is not granted, the samples will be submitted to OMM as Group 2 Material.

Special Requirements:

Aggregates with special requirements may require special tests. See specific item for any additional requirements. (Field)

When No. 1, No. 2, No. 357, or No. 4 sizes are to be used, contact the OMM Aggregate Section for procedure to be followed. (District Engineer of Tests) Sizes not listed for a supplier on the Group List are considered to be Group 2 Material, and are to be handled accordingly. (Field)

Sampling: (Field)

Quality control samples, when requested, shall be taken at the aggregate source by an ODOT Level 1 Aggregate Technician.

Quantity samples shall be taken at the time the Contractor takes control of the material by an ODOT Level 1 Aggregate Technician.

Samples are to be taken in accordance with procedures described in Appendix "A", in the following quantities:

Coarse Aggregate: 60-70 pounds each sample size *

Fine Aggregate: 30-40 pounds *

Dense Graded Aggregate: 90-100 lbs *

* Quantity shall be in accordance with CMS 700 sampling table.

Samples submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section shall be accompanied by a TE-31;


3. Methods of Test:

Physical Tests.

(District Engineer of Tests)

AASHTO T 11, AASHTO T 19, S 1004, S 1021, S1005, S1069

Samples being submitted for soundness testing shall be graded using sieves as called for in Appendix "B".

Quality Tests.

(OMM Aggregate Section)

AASHTO T 104, AASHTO T 113, AASHTO T 96, S 1017, S 1029, S 1031