703.03 Fine Aggregate for Mortar or Grout

1. Specification:

Section 703.01, 703.03 C&MS.

S 1069

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Complying with Supplement 1069 Gradation testing is a responsibility of the certified supplier with Quality Assurance sampling and testing a responsibility of the Department. The sampling requirements below apply when sources are under old contracts and not certified.

The Group Code status for aggregate sources covered under 703.01 shall also apply to those of Item 703.03. Follow the procedures outlined for Group 0, Group 1 or Group 2 material in 703.01, this Manual. (District Engineer of Tests)

Samples are to be taken in accordance with procedures described in Appendix "A". (Field)

A sample shall consist of 30-40 pounds of material

If group 2 materials sample represents each 1800 tons, or fraction thereof.

Quality samples shall be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section, through the District Engineer of Tests.

Samples shall be accompanied by a TE-31.

3. Methods of Tests:

Physical Tests:

(District Engineer of Tests)

S 1004:  Samples submitted for soundness testing shall be graded using sieves as called for in Appendix "B".

Quality Tests:

(OMM Aggregate Section)


S 1017.