703.10 Screenings

1. Specification:

Section 703.10, C&MS.

S 1069

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

For quality tests, screenings shall be considered Group 2 unless otherwise identified (OMM Aggregate Group List). Follow the procedures for Group 2 material as outlined in 703.01, this Manual. (District Engineer of Tests)

Samples are to be taken in accordance with procedures described in Appendix "A". (Field)

When sampling a group 2 source, a sample shall consist of 60-70 pounds of material, representing each 2600 tons, or fraction thereof.  

Samples shall be submitted to the OMM Aggregate Section accompanied by a TE-31.

3. Methods of Tests:

(District Engineer of Tests)

Physical Tests:

S 1004

Samples submitted for soundness testing shall be graded using sieves as called for in Appendix "B".

(OMM Aggregate Section)

Quality Tests: