703.11 Structural Backfill for 603 Bedding and Backfill

1. Specification:

703.11 C&MS

S 1069

2. Sampling and/or Inspection Requirements:

Complying with Supplement 1069 Gradation testing is a responsibility of the certified supplier with Quality Assurance sampling and gradation testing a responsibility of the Department.

Fracture counts will be performed at the District for type 3 materials (S 1021).

Quality samples for Type 1, 2 or 3 materials are not required if the source is Group 0 or 1.  If the source is Group 2 samples are required and covered under 703.01.   (District Engineer of Tests)

A sample shall consist of 60-75 pounds.  If group 2 materials samples represent each 5200 tons, or fraction thereof.

For ACBFS a check sample (PWL) for gradation should be made.

For ACBFS supplier test data conforming to S1027 will be required to assure conformance with S 1027.  District shipment should not be authorized without S1027 test data

Foundry sand will not be accepted without complying with Division of Surface Water exempted Policy 400.007.  Call central laboratory with questions

GS will comply with 703.08

3. Method of Test

Physical Tests


S 1021, S 1004, S 1005, S1069

Quality Tests

(OMM Aggregate Section)

AASHTO T 104, AASHTO T 96, S 1017, S 1029